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Is there any point? [language]

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Yeah well... since I can't tell people to their face how dumb they are... I suppose I will rant here... again... not like anyone cares.... (well I could then I would end up with their dumb blood on my hands and I might get AIDS... oh my...) (sorry for those people who were screwed by our lousy medical system and got AIDS against your will or... others who were taken advantage of... by the way don't go to bars get drunk, and sleep with whomever... and kill that SOB that did it to you. For future reference own a gun, knife, steel bat, be proficient with it and USE it on the first person that looks at you funny too (never ask questions...) AND NEVER TRUST ANYONE... not my fault everyones lives suck.

People when you grow old... fine grow old... but don't "STAGNATE" do not just stop developing... especially if your one of those people who never got past 10th grade (or 6th sadly in some cases)... I live with a pair of roommates, one of which owns the house... and their family is mentally retarded to the core... they cling to him, they don't have jobs... they aren't educated, their not trying to become educated... they believe god is going to save them and give them a dumb happy after life...

No I do not want you to mother me...
No I do not want you to cook for me...
I do not want you to wash my clothes...
I do not love you...
I doubt your son loves you...
I don't want to play games with your kids...
Your son is still not married at 40 yrs old cause you will not leave him alone for 5 mins...
Your children don't need me to be a bad influence on them... they will probably blow your BRAINS OUT (if they picked up a hint) stop bringing them around...

I hope they go to hell.

Why should I feel slighted and annoyed by these barely human chimps? They were not around when I started living here... They have a nice place of their own not 5 to 10 miles away to live in... and if they have some deep seated issues to resolve at home... THEN THATS WERE THEY NEED TO GO RESOLVE THEM... I'M NOT A CHARITY... I AM NOT THE CHURCH DOWNTOWN WERE YOU CAN SLEEP ON MY STEPS AND GET A FREE MEAL... GET LOST.

Quinten Tarentino (I probly spelled it wrong) is old... and he'll kick your sorry little psychophantic asses. He'd probably call me a punk and sue me... or shoot me... Ive never met him, but if his movies are and indication of his outlook on life/reality/philosophy... I'm in general agreement. (No don't blame the movies retards, I had that philosophy I ever saw one). And its censorship that just loves to reinforce my philosophy wasting MY TAX MONEY TELLING SOMEONE ELSE WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN NOT SELL WHEN IT CAUSES ABSOLUTELY NO PHYSICAL HARM TO ANYONE. BULL... We should censor AMERICAN IDOL AND MS NBC and the bible channel first... but you don't see me lobbying to get you PSYCHOPATHS censored! I leave you to your silly preachers...

My work... I'm so stupid for continuing to do the same work... I hate "computer science"... I hate the way the industry is going... I hate windows vista... no one down here understands or puts any faith in Linux or simplicity or KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)... no they waste oodles of money on software and hardware that they are getting RIPPED OFF FOR.... like a car salesmen selling a low end KIA Sophia like it was a Ferrari... its so sick it makes me sick, I'm tired of it... and here I am righting source code for web applications running under IIS... and doing tech support for a company who is all Windows XP (yes bill sue me I'm saying your software sucks and I'm going to quit or kill myself over it) and has the security of poorly planned out CIA op...

Patents... are another absolute waste of time... IBM isn't rolling neck deep trying to sue other people for using what they developed... and they OWN YOU RIAA IDIOTS - patents have absolutely no effect on technology, the development of new technology, or anyone getting rich but the lazy people already in power ready to monopolize the world. Your silly economic system will come crumbling down around you when people just get tired of it all. Can we say 1920's and 1930's depression anyone?


Lets just keep reproducing... so more people can buy retarded Jennifer Lopez CD's and listen to gay latin men (or white boys pretending to be gay latin men) with no testicles... (Take a hint from Mariachi, El <--- one bad ass movie... how you are supposed to be not some fag boy)... Sorry I'm Italian I have no respect for men who speak and sing 5 octaves higher then me unless they are BORN THAT WAY.

Sorry gay people you really don't bother me.. its the straight people who pretend to be gay and just make you look bad...

Lets keep killing people over cartoons, dancing, and their CHOICE NOT TO BE INVOLVED IN ANY HOKEY RITUALISTIC RELIGIONS.... (I had to touch this subject and I'm being subtle here... I've already written pages on how dumb it is to fear a god or anyone or anything for that matter).

Karma is a bitch and so is rising sea levels and rapped extinction. Ever read Isaac Asimov's foundation series? He touched on this problem in the latter half of the 1900's... Remember the planet with the out of walk weather and the overblown civilization living inside a big bubble of a city?

Why is it so wrong ... that I have the tigers point of view on whether people should live or die? What ever happened to kill or be killed? Why do I even put up with being surrounded by weak helpless zombies who will never be able to defend themselves? Why do I constantly pander to this society? Why do I behave... Why am I not existing outside of it? Why? Because I'm week, I'm not strong enough to take all you morons out... theres just to many of you... But why the hell do I have to be discriminated against when we pander to everyone else's point of "carebarism" view... I know I know... I have no RIGHT to be the ruling party... or part of the ruling party(ies)... BUT I WANT THOSE OF YOU IN POWER RIGHT NOW TO KNOW THAT NEITHER DO YOU...

And I dislike... or hate... you very much... so much so... that I spend every waking moment plotting your demise.

Of course I will not find any answer here... but its no better then anywhere else to declare open rebellion against this world... this universe... all sentient/sapient species.

I hope a simple virus kills us all... I think thats the only reason I feed myself... so I can watch everyone die when it happens.

School... school could actually be cool if it wasn't there to brainwash millions of young adults (college) and teenagers (high school) into being consumer whores who believe anything they are told. Yes school produced a few gems ... me (I learned how to free my mind by fighting the system there)... fools.

Liberal idiots think you can litigate and manage every aspect of everyones lives into a utopia? YOU ARE THE WORST.


We need only 3 laws and no more with a very general description for each I can compromise with you pansies that fear anarchy on that one... by the way... until we have chips implanted in us that take away our free will we still technically live in an anarchy get over it and deal with it and stop wasting time and energy pretending that we don't.

I have a better idea... lets apply the three laws of robotics to people instead of robots.

Do not fear, do not be ignorant... LEARN WHY, THEN JUDGE. DO NOT JUDGE WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW FIRST HAND. And stop saying you believe in Jesus and screwing our sons, wives, girlfriends every chance you get... If Jesus was your roll model you'd be wearing a crown of thorns and burning yourselves in the streets for your own damned sins.

And for you poor bastards in Iran... stop letting your government and your military push you out into the streets to demonstrate against what you look up to. And plastic surgery doesn't make you a better person. Mafia, Vatican, Government, Clergy, Moral Police... They are all synonymous.

I want one of those chicks reading those glamor mags on 10 ways to give the man your subservient too a great present... (I don't know why I try to be subtle...) its probably pointless... I bet some of our high ranking civil officers and Military personnel just love to read those. (you men too should expect more out of your women... punks...)

Men ... kill...and eat red meat its your birthright.
Women kill the stupid men that don't deserve you.

Look! POD PEOPLE... RUN..... (SCREECH from invasion of the body snatchers...)


*My work... I'm so stupid for continuing to do the same work... I hate "computer science"... I hate the way the industry is going... I hate windows vista...*

Computers can be fun no? It makes it fun when companies are cheap to do things right (I am more surprised they are running vista in the first place.) Trust me that I have seen some of the stupidest things in my job of people wanting to save a little money and loosing a lot of money because they are cheap to do things right. You would not believe some of the things that people still send over dial up that have SLA (service level agreements) on them and then end up paying thousands of dollars in fines when the thing breaks.

In a lot of ways you sound a lot like me, sometimes I feel like we are cattle bread only to get the giant machine of capitalism going. I keep hoping one day people will realize what a mess we have made of everything when we put the corporate greed above everything else, sadly I doubt they ever will.

“Karma is a bitch and so is rising sea levels and rapped extinction. Ever read Isaac Asimov's foundation series? He touched on this problem in the latter half of the 1900's... Remember the planet with the out of walk weather and the overblown civilization living inside a big bubble of a city?”

I don’t think we have a long way to wait for this, the sad part is that I feel its not something I will truly see in my life but our children’s, I hope it comes sooner as there is no way we are going to stop before its to late, I don’t think many people realize the amount of crap floating in our oceans, how fast the world is changing and how many species are dieing, it is indeed a sad thing to see and our price for it all will be a heavy one.

“Do not fear, do not be ignorant... LEARN WHY, THEN JUDGE. DO NOT JUDGE WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW FIRST HAND. And stop saying you believe in Jesus and screwing our sons, wives, girlfriends every chance you get... If Jesus was your roll model you'd be wearing a crown of thorns and burning yourselves in the streets for your own damned sins.”

Some of this I agree with, some I do not. The modern Christian is not very Christian in their beliefs, most of them spend their days preaching and not living the words that were handed down to us. I am agnostic by the way, but I do not believe people should be out flogging themselves in the street trying to repent for their sins. The belief should be in helping our fellow human beings and trying to make the world a better place. Sadly this is preached but very rarely followed.

You see many of the things that are wrong with this world and I wish I could give you some good advice on how to make things better, for the most part people are happy with their lives. They are content sitting in front of the tube watching Jerry Springer. There are people out their that are not mindless zombies and drones, I just hope you find someone before you end up killing your roommate. I wanted to reply more to this then simply agreeing with, you say a lot of the things I mutter under my breath.



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Thanks for reading through all that raven, I learned that at least if I come here and say what I have to say. Or say my words some other way without literally ripping heads off... I save myself allot of trouble. Hence why I do it. And I can pat myself on my back for being nice again (sorta)... heh (sarcasm)

Some have said that the words I produce are a kind of Art... if a negative or dark art... (like necromancy heh...)

At one point I had a myspace blog... that didn't last long =P I would have to host my own website - and I don't personally own any domain names =P so thats not going to happen.

I am being sarcastic about the Christian dilemma... I don't expect people to walk around like zealot monks wearing cilice. But when I'm upgrading a server farm and the "Christian guy" out there with me shows me this "hot chicks" nude pictures on his phone when he's married and says he hates his wife..." I think to myself... how ironic.. how lame... I just expect the guy to be honest and if not faithful to his promises/vows, then do something constructive about it. Not go behind his wifes back... I just see stuff like this over and over... and I put it all together... it gets combined into one huge rant. I just expect him to follow what he preaches... if not he can call himself an atheist or deist or an agnostic, or wikken or scientologist... or whatever... but don't call your self something you are not and at the same time tell me "I should go to church and meet some of these "dirty religious women..."... I am not going to hah. Maybe I would be amused if he went and flogged himself for his stupidity... =P

And never make laws that prohibit me from exerting my free will. Whether it be an attempt at advancing our technology (cloning, nano-tech, stem cells, cybernetic prostheses) or reading a novel by Terry Goodkind or playing a silly video game. And I don't want people to tell me I must believe in a soul... spirits, and magic. (it is fun to pretend tho... but pretending is just what it is...) ... oh yeah and don't stand outside of my favorite club and call everyone "Evil masturbating sinners" on a loudspeaker (that actually happened...) - The saddest thing is that club is probably the cleanest safest club as apposed to the "hip-hop/date rape" drug fest across the street... but no we get targeted because our music has something to say about idiots. And sometimes the poor damn fool idiots that kill themselves with drugs. Perhaps the worst law... is you can't freeze yourself prior to your death you have to be pronounced dead before you can go into cryogenics... I'm sorry but I should be allowed to enter cryogenics whenever I feel like, proven or not. I have a better chance of surviving IF I'M NOT DEAD FIRST! Especially if I were terminally ill. Anyway thats an example of how poorly written our laws our... lets not get into red tape on even enforcing them.

You know if you want to send your pictures around to people on their phones fine... But don't feel bad when your on 50000 websites and don't burden our legal system trying to get your pictures removed... People ask me why im not with anyone... because I have not found anyone I am willing to trust or anyone that desires to be my equal in things... and I'm very competitive... and I know some people that may like me... but they never come out and say it. They just say stuff like "O NOOO I SHOULD have remembered YOUR number..." I'm like... well great... no you shouldn't have... (they deal with 100's of numbers and faces per day) If they are even attempting to flirt innocently... why not just say "Hey your cute.. or sexy.. or interesting... or whatever..." or... the big shocker... "I like you, whats your real name?". That will never happen were I live... anyway most people realize I'm no cakewalk and I'm a hard ass so they give me space to breathe =)

I'm not going to "off" my roommate...(or at least not until he is unable to pay his tithes to my new nation, then my minions will off him =P) I'm going to move, and move somewhere thats more conducive to me improving my life so perhaps I can do something constructive. But I seriously need to vent... I'm still here... and these people act in exactly the manner that drives me nuts... I feel like its "hypocritical ignorant people like them that are at the root of reality sucking".

I played some Velvet Acid Christ (loud cynical evil music) anyway and they left quickly tonight without saying a word. I think they took the hint. I would consider that a non-violent solution =P

Its been argued by me and others that the problem is with me.

I have decided that my problem is that I will not bend, I will break and take everything down with me. Too many star trek movies with Picard saying "THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE, AND NO FARTHER!" (right after he gets his rocks off annihilating the Borg)

So if I come and vent here... its a good way to get it out of my system to keep me from breaking.

It does after all say "Let it all out". Anyway haven't killed myself yet...

And if I bend... I'm just another hypocritical waste of proteins and lipids (aka tool)... and maybe someone will read my drivel and be inspired to find a solution. Ive been known to have many deadly "soapboxes" full of the heaviest element known to humankind =P. With the ability to project them at hypersonic speeds directly into peoples heads and out their asses.
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