is there any reason to live if I'm so unhappy

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What's the point, I'm here I don't mean anything. I just get up go to work and go home I'm 30 it won't make any difference if I live for another 30 years, I'm completely insignificant. Every thought I have is dark I don't see where I fit in, I don't want a family, I have a few friends, girlfriend, mum and dad but I hate myself and everyone I know. None of them would understand. I need someone to help me end my life I want to die painlessly, just drift off


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despite you not believing it now things can change for the better with some good professional help and some medication.. going thru this process may not be easy but it can help..

please reach out for some help if these exteme thouhgts continue for you.. 911, crisis line or a hospital ER ..take care, Jim
I don't know I can't think like a normal person, breeze through life enjoying the little things, I don't enjoy any aspect. I want to split up with my girlfriend but she will take it badly she's got no where to go and that will make me feel worse. Everything she does annoys me and that's my problem because she's not a bad person


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Well it doesn't sound like you hate your girlfriend, just that you find her annoying. I mean, if you truly hated her, throwing her out wouldn't be any problem whatsover.

Do you think your parents love you?

Is it possible that maybe you just want to hate everyone, for it makes it easier to kill yourself if you do??

Depression takes over the mind, you think very irrational. If you have felt all this from the day you was born and knew you didn't want to be in existence, well that is one thing, but if you've ever been happy with your life, it can happen again.

You have to get help, or things probably won't change. You have to be willing to let someone help you, you have to be willing to do what you have to. Believe it or not, we can control our own minds to some degree. So if you want help, and you really want it to change, you can make it happen.. You don't have to let the depression win.
I am stressed but I feel like what will I achieve if I carry on as I am, work helps me forget how lonely and depressed I am and that I have nobody to talk to, or if I did talk to them I'd feel like I'm putting a massive burden on them. So what's the point in my life just going to work and then feeling miserable the rest of the time. that's not a life


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Well because, you can beat depression, you don't have to feel that way the rest of your life. I know it's not that way now, but it can get better. I can take my past 14 years track record with my health, and assume I will likely never function and be able to live my life beyond just sitting and laying in bed again, except on the few rare days, things get a little better. The likelyness that these college courses I start taking next month, and that I will ever be able to work, slim to none.. The likelyness that I will ever feel like my old self again, one chance in a million.. But I'm not going to kill myself today, I know that option is there tomorrow or the next day or whenever, but I'm going after that one in a million chance first. You die, you don't come back. I don't want to leave the people I love, yet I could be left to face that if things don't change. You really don't know though what the future holds until you live it. 10 years from now, you might win the lottery, for all we know.. I would just hate to see you give up. If you've been happy before, you can be that way again. Everytime things get bad, we can't fall into the pattern of thinking self harm is the way out. You have to find a way to work through the problems your having. If you don't really know how, therapy is a good place for support and advice. And maybe we can help to. I know I'd give it a good try, at least.
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