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Is there any turning back once you've reached that point?

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Hi guys,
I was just wondering...once you've gotten to the place where you can't see the point in life, do you think you can ever go back?
I had my crisis 4 years ago and it took years but life is a lot better now. Problem is even though I'm feeling pretty good, everytime there is a tiny problem, I skip all the middle steps and end up right back at "what's the point? Why bother?" And it's not because life is so painful anymore, it's just because now that I think the game is pointless, it's hard to motivate to play.

So what do you guys think? Is there a point of no return?


I have been where you are because I have had a history of multiple suicide attempts stretching back for 10 years. I know that I reached my limit when I thought I had nothing to live for.

I'm not so quick to do myself in these days because there are things that keep me anchored, like having a good job that pays well and my bodybuilding hobby. However, I am in a black funk at the moment because of issues regarding unrequited love. I have been crying a lot lately and these issues are all consuming me at the moment.

Do you have other things in your life to keep you hanging on...?


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If there's a point of no return, I must have reached it a hundred times without recognizing it - as I have so many "lowest points" but keep on keepin' on...Sometimes I just keep on going out of habit, sometimes I don't honestly know why I keep going - I just do. Usually I come out of it, sometimes it feels like things will never get better, but so far, I've not "turned that irreversable corner". I guess I must have some little bit of hope stashed away to keep me here, alive, and waiting for things to improve.



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well to be honest what you describbed is just a programmed response.

When we are down we are so used tro just want to end it that without knowing it we program our brain to go back to that way of thinking as a pre-programmed response.

The only way to get over it is to conciously push your mind away from that though when the time comes.

Or immidiately after the though occure tell your self no it is worth it over and over for a few minutes. after months of doing this you should be able to reprogram your self.

do you really want to?

I dont, even though life is alot better for me now i would still rather die right now than live another day.

Life is pointless even when you feel well. I would rather die today then face 100 years of happyness.


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Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. You can return at any point whenever you want. Just take things one day at a time.

The forum is a good support group to help keep the faith. It helps to see the point in life when you lose hope.
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