Is There Any Way Out?

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    I have just about had it with life and everyone in it. I wish I were dead because I see no other solution. Aside from the fact that I'm broke up to my eye balls to the point I'm way behind on my property taxes, am betrayed and treated like you know what by everyone and have no true family that gives a damn, I have the constant, neverending burden of my 91-year-old grandmother who suffers from dementia. She is being cared for in an assisted living facility, but for the last several years, all her bills, homes (there are 3 which she never kept in good condition) and issues are left for me to take care of. I get calls or mail every single day to solve whatever the issue du jour is with her. However, it's taking its toll on me. I can't concentrate on my job(s), my personal life or my health. I don't want to be Power of Attorney anymore. The burden is far too great on me, but everywhere I look for help, the door is slammed in my face and her problems always seem to boomerang back to me. I can't go through this for another year. I feel like ending my struggle and pain because I fear that life will become more unlivable and destroy my health in the near future anyway. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    You shouldn't have to be POA if you don't want to Who decided this. Get lawyer and get someone legally capable to deal with your grandmothers affairs and you live your life okay.
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    Do you have any siblings?? Maybe pass the buck to one of them.. Maybe sell the other houses..Or like Music said turn it over to a lawyer..