Is there anybody out there?

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I've only been here twice before but right now i have nowhere else to go and no one else to talk to....i dont know what to do anymore i just cant take the pain anymore. im just so fucking lonely its like theres a bubble around me and no one can get through. those rare few who do and i finally learn to trust.....they always leave me. i dont know if i can keep living like this anymore. im out of energy and im out of hope that ill ever have a better life


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Just to send my caring and hoping you stay and post here, and yes, go to chat...many people here feel as you do...maybe when two get together, they won't feel that way anymore...that would be wonderful...J
I know how you feel. the Loneliness and pain can feel unbearable at times..please know you can always talk to us and We are here for you.*hugs*


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When I was lonely I read books and played video games. I didn't have a lot of friends, practically none. People are meant to be kind to. You shouldn't be cruel, but eventually you'll realize most of your peers are mindless drones out to satisfy their ego and see what they have to gain from you.

Loneliness is a pain so many share and one of the easiest to deal with. I threw myself into thinking and academics. You can call me a nerd but I'm 6'5'' and slender and not unsightly. I'd be an attractive person if it weren't for ailment.

Loneliness combined with physical sickness is another story. Count your blessings.
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