Is there anyone out there????

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  1. Please is there anybody there I can't do this anymore. My name is Kevin and I've been living a lie for the past year. I've been in therapy since 2005 until last year when I had to move away and leave the only people who understood me behind. I suffer from clinical depression. I try to act calm but I can't keep this charade up. No one knows what is happening. I'm falling apart. All the people I thought were my friends have abandoned me. I see them every day and they ignore me like I'm a complete stranger and oh god it hurts so bad. I hurt myself because I feel so bad and I feel like I HAVE to, I NEED to hurt something. I rip the skin off my lips and watch them bleed and say I get into fights. I rip my hair out. I slash and slice my arms and legs so maybe someone will like me. That has to e the only reason they avoid me it's because I'm bad I'm terrible I'm a fucking demon and I can't be fixed I have to do it I have to hurt myself I have to be punished thenaybe they'll like me I won't be bad anymore I'll be good and then well laugh and have fun like I used to but it doesn't work it won't work it can't work it'll never work. Sometimes I feel like hurting them. S THERE ANYONE ELSE THERE???????
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  2. WildCherry

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    I'm here, I replied to your other post. Please keep talking, PM me if you want to.
  3. ASkylitDrive

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    I'm here. Please contact me. I'm willing to listen and help as much as I can
  4. IV2010

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    I hear you....I hear the pain you're in.....
    I urge you to get help...see a doctor.. get a therapist..get some meds if you haven't already...
    you deserve to be treated better than that...
    once you feel better about yourself you may be able to get some new true friends...
    take care...
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