Is there hope?

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Rangoon, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Rangoon

    Rangoon Active Member

    I just found this site and am so pleased. My wife has just left me and taken our daughter with her, life feels hopeless right now. Maybe sharing some of the things I feel will help me feel better, at the moment it is intollerable. Is there hope for people like us who see no point? I hope so, life was pretty good before this turn of events.

    Anyway good luck everybody, hope it all works out for you whatever your chosen path.

  2. PeaceBlueFire

    PeaceBlueFire Well-Known Member

    Hi Beb,

    Welcome to the forum! I hope SF will offer you the support you need and bring some hope back into your life.

    Peace :)
  3. Shadowlands

    Shadowlands Official SF Hugger Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Welcome to SF! There are people who have had or have various troubles. I'm sure some can relate to you, but you can just simply hang around and meet some nice and friendly people. :smile:
  4. ~Tosh~

    ~Tosh~ Forum Buddy

    :welcome: to SF :) :hug:
  5. Oak

    Oak Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Welcome to Sf Ragoon. You will meet people with outcome and situation such as yours here. Hang around and meet them, they are all friendly people.
    Hope you sort thing out for the better

    best of luck
  6. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    welcome to the forum :)
  7. LenaLunacy

    LenaLunacy Well-Known Member

    Welcome to sf.
  8. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum Rangoon. I'm in a very similar position to you and if you ever want to talk feel free to contact me either by message here or my contact details are in my profile. I feel for you my friend.
  9. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Welcome to SF.
  10. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Well there's an easy way to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Many people here have never had a time in their life where they felt good, me included. Know that you can get back there, and hopefully we can help and support you to feeling well again.
    I am sorry you are going through such a difficult time :hug:
  11. Rangoon

    Rangoon Active Member

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! It's good to know that there are people out there who do care about others and what they are going through. I'm away from home at the moment visiting my daughter so do not have easy acsess to a computer but I'm looking forwards to talking to you all when I get back to my computer.

    Look after yourselves.
  12. Oak

    Oak Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Enjoy your time with your family Ragoon. We will look forward to hearing from you when you get back home. :smile:

    be well and stay safe
    granny x
  13. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to SF. I am sorry to hear about what is going on in your life. Yes there is hope, but it may not necessarily be the answers you are looking for. Feel free to PM me if you need a shoulder or someone to listen. I will answer as soon as I can. :hug:
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