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Is there such a thing as an unacceptable thought?

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I don't think there can be an unacceptable thought. However, even thoughts not intentionally acted upon can have an effect, leading to something like prejudice being problematic.
Hi sheep,Hi steffen. :)

The reason I asked was because I read an online article which stated physical exercise was a good way to combat unacceptable thoughts,this seemed to be an odd piece of advice and judging from what you both have said it is quite a primitive way to deal with mind product.
After all,thoughts are just mind product.

You both express the sentiment that carrying over these thoughts into the physical word is not a healthy thing to do.I am wondering if you (or anyone) feel that doing exercise can help resolve unsettling mental issues?

Is it dangerous advice to give out?
Lavishing attention on the physical while ignoring the intellectual.Kinda papering over the cracks so everything looks good from the outside.
Is that deceptive behaviour?


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Totally off topic...apologies, but Prinnctopher; that piece of writing in your sig; who wrote it?

And Nomoney, exercise releases endorphins which make us feel better so give it a go :smile:


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Ahh, that's quite a bit different. I think that means that exercise can help remove thoughts unacceptable to you - that is, thoughts you don't like. I hate it when I make a racial stereotype, for instance; that is a thought that is unacceptable to me.
@terry I believe its from Homer III - liliaid writings. (just wanted to show my smarts :P .....Dont get to taht often :blub: )

Exercise for depressive thoughts is a common piece of advise, as terry said, its realeses endorphans and is supposed to make you feel happy. Its not covering the cracks per say, its to try and get your body to do naturally what meds do for you.


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exercise releases endorphins which make us feel better so give it a go :smile:
I exercise for 40 minutes 5 days a week and I agree the endorphin release does make you feel good, not to mention the obvious fact that exercising will improve you in a physical sense.

However, using exercise to combat bad thoughts. It dont work that way for me. When I exercise I usually get worked up and angry and start thinking about bad things weather its things I have done that Im not proud of or of people that have screwed me over in some way.

As for having unacceptable thourghts, I cant say it better than aoeu.

I don't think there can be an unacceptable thought. However, even thoughts not intentionally acted upon can have an effect, leading to something like prejudice being problematic.


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Is there such a thing as an unacceptable thought?
Nope, i think of everything i can, and make sure i know who I am in regards to those thoughts.

It's not so much an the specific thoughts, its your own mental ability to deal with what you are thinking about, how you are thinking about it, when you are thinking about it, ect. That always changes to. :) Just my opinon.


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Actually, I think an unacceptable thought is based on your motives. That's when you directly think about them.

On the other hand you can fall into unacceptable thoughts, and it's not so much your motives at this point its who you are drawing from to be able to either stand up against those thoughts per say.. or more how much you allow them to affect you. I say that because somethings, if not everything is a reality, some people just have experienced certain situations or thought certain things that are painful reference points that are to them are unacceptable.

It's amazing the bullshit you need sometimes to fight off your own personal demons. Wondering if they exist when they're not there.. It's like a part of you is isolated or quarentened for reasons to prevent the sheer possibility of certain things happening.

Then there's the longing and itching to expand upon a refresh piece of information...... because feelings are strangeled by said unacceptable thoughts, be it rape murder theft lies deciet terror manipulation .. it's learning how not to apply the most horrid of thoughts onto who are and what you want to be. Fighting your own imagination constantly to hold back a sheer possibility because once youve thought it exists, and if you think of a way

Spiraling out on a topic and trying to use that for my own personal gain, while preaching bullshit I dont care anymore.. Sometimes an unacceptable thought block out your feelings and part of who you are. And at some point, you're just dying to feel alive again but the unacceptability of some thoughts gets in the way.

Um.. there's also potentially future thoughts that are unacceptable but those are, I guess go to whether you can be yourself against them, or not get lured in by their touch :S Idk... bad fucking day for thoughts. I think ill go get numb.
I think we need to separate the original thought from the thinking about it.
For example, if something that is obviously a racial stereotype enters our heads, we might think 'oh my God, how could I think that'. But, some folks have those thoughts, and guess what? They not only do not think the thought is bad, they go with it and deliberately reinforce it.

So the original thought itself does not seem to have any actual judgement attached to it, it just pops in there (We don't need to worry about how that happens for this discussion). If we think something innapropriate about someone, and then judge ourselves harshly for it, there was nothing unacceptable about that original thought. But, in the example above, if we then accept and reinforce that original thought to the point others might see us as racist, that original thought is also not unacceptable. This must be so, for the basic thought is the same in each mind in question, and while this may seem a baseless assumption, just try constructing a coherent argument to the contrary! (The problem is that unless you assume all people have equally valid initial thoughts, you are on the slippery slope to 'ranking' human beings, a practice still in vogue in some parts of the world, excusing a whole host of evils, including slavery, rape, and genocide!)

The thoughts that may be unacceptable are those that judge the original thoughts that spring into our minds, seemingly unbidden. And this is a huge can of worms. I don't think it is right to just assume that you can be the only judge of these thoughts, because you cannot exist in isolation. So others are always going to be affected by the nature of your reaction to your thoughts, for example, your behavior towards them after a possibly innapropriate racial stereotyping thought. So the judgement of these 'thoughts about thoughts' is a complicated process, which has never really been considered as such insofar as I am aware, but actually, and almost incidentally, forms the basis for human group interaction.

And there is another factor here too. The methods we pick up to judge our own thoughts are largely socially transmitted. Consider a child having a 'bad word' they have heard somewhere pop into their head. How does the parent react if the child chooses to say that word? Pretty much every parent makes an issue of it, with 'panicky' behaviour, screaming, hitting, or sternly telling off, etc. It makes no difference to the end result. That child will always have problems dealing with those internal thoughts. Because the only model they have is one of panicky reaction. This is why having grandparents around is often a calming affect on children. Most older people might just laugh, or make that funny clucking noise that only grandmothers can make properly, and offer the child another scone. That child might learn to handle their thoughts better.

When we disturb ourselves over thoughts that we see as unacceptable, it is due to our poor handling of those thoughts, not the thoughts themselves.

Sorry about the ramble, but this is actually rather a complex issue, and even this is only glossing over the main points as I see them. But it is so relevant to much I have read on this forum. We waste so much time beating ourselves up about our own thoughts, because the mechanism for handling them is broken, or improperly formed. Getting through that problem is a major mile marker on the road to mental health.

And no, I have not reached it yet, but I am on the road!


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Totally off topic...apologies, but Prinnctopher; that piece of writing in your sig; who wrote it?
Homer wrote it in the Iliad, the story of the Trojan War. It's from the part where Hector is dying by Achilles' strike, and begs for Achilles to show him mercy before his father and wife who are watching, along with everybody else in Troy. And Achilles says that, among other things. And then after Hector dies, Achilles drags his body around town 21 or some other number of times for everyone to see Hector's defeat.

The other quote is from a Thirty Seconds to Mars song called "Phase One Fortification".


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I think there are such things as invasive thoughts of unacceptable behavior. I can see how these thoughts would be concluded to be unacceptable thoughts when a person cannot shake them.

Unacceptable is a matter of perception and belief of the individual.
Hmmm,most interwestin'g explorations into answerdom indeed.
You have all mounted such commendable explainationary expeditions.

Very free,like a sexual salmon.

If only this was somwehere less intellectual i would respond with gay abandon...believe me,I would.
But you are all so fine to say what you mean and I fear I am too much unsure to do you all justice with an on par serving at the moment.

(I am not on drugs)
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