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Is this a stupid idea?

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I need to write some papers for college and I was thinking about writing a paper about suicide. Of course I wouldn't write about my own suicidal feelings. I would just make it more like a research paper. One idea he gave us is to use forums in our research. I could use some of the information here for the paper. I am worried though, that if I write about suicide it will be obvious I want to commit suicide. It is just hard because I have been feeling really depressed lately and the only idea I have for the paper is suicide. I think I might fail this class. I suck at writing. I don't know what to do. :sad:


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Was thinking just the same Allo.

Writing can give you clarity, when you're depressed things tend to be a jumble in your head, I keep a journal so that I can write stuff down and then I read it back..it's amazing what you can find out about yourself just from your ramblings.

Give it go, it may be brilliant.
I don't see anything wrong with writing a paper about suicide and hopefully your teacher won't take it out of context. If they do mention something then you could say it was the most interesting topic you could find and could gather the most data on to make the paper interesting. However, when it comes to using SF as a research base and monitoring etc, I think it's against the rules, you'll have to check. Reason being people come here for support and guidance and not all members appreciate being studied or being part of research. I don't mean to sound nasty, that's just how it is and I don't want you to get in trouble. Good luck with your paper.
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I don't think it's a bad thing. I do a lot of reading about suicide and even write about it, and it gives you a good perspective on things. I don't think people are so judgmental that they would automatically know you have experiences with suicide. I believe to use the information found on these forums, you would need permission from the original poster.


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i don t think it would give u away . just keep it open encompass the people whe r termanilly ill and suiside bombers.it is a contraversal subject. teachers expect students to feel compelled to these. its how we sort out our ideas.
The way I see it, the teacher has a whole pile of papers to go through. They won't have time to think much about each paper, they're basically just grading based on the objectives given for the assignment. The writing will be no problem, just follow these steps:

- Examine the guidelines of the paper, be clear on what you will be graded on and keep that in mind.

- Begin reading and take notes in a journal, and just jot down anything important that might be useful in the paper.

- Now just begin writing the paper, keeping everything nice and organized into sections. Some people like to do an outline first, but I generally just like to think of a kind of visual outline in my mind as I'm going along. It will all piece together easily enough if you're interested in the topic, getting started will be the hardest part, but after that it'll be easy.


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The site doesn't allow people to come here for research purposes and studies etc... I think it would be a very interesting topic to write about though :)

Good luck with it, and keep us updated as to how it's going :)



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I don't think its a dumb idea, I say go for it and best of luck. Sounds really interesting to say the least. :smile:


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Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I should have thought that you can't use these forums for research. I was just tempted by the thought of being able to use something from this forum for the paper. I won't do that now that I realize it would be a bad idea. Anyways, I can't help but think maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he found out that I am suicidal. No one knows about this which sometimes makes it more difficult. Sometimes I wish that I had someone to talk to in person about this. Talking on the forums is helpful but I don't have anyone to support me through this in person. He is a really nice person and I think that he might actually care.
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