is this actually an eating disorder??

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  1. i'm not too sure if this is an eating disorder or not...

    i'm 5' 11", weigh 91 kg (making my BMI 0.2 under obese), i'm veggie, meaning that i mainly eat healthy stuff, but i eat WAY too much of it, know that i eat too much of it and then want to get rid of it, but i physically can't (when i try to make myself vomit it just doesnt happen) despite knowing that i eat too much i still don't cut down and i obsess about calories and stuff (i only eat low calorie foods, but i eat them in excess)

    i am desperate to lose weight, i'd love to be considered as a 'skinny' girl, but i can't not eat since i'm watched pretty much all the time so everyone would notice, and i can't get the food out of my body.

    is this an eating disorder or am i just weird??
  2. Lady E

    Lady E Well-Known Member

    That is definitely considered an eating disorder more specifically "compulsive overeating disorder" where you can go anywhere from binging, fasting, to restricting. It's something I have struggled with for a really long time and for awhile I kept it under control.
    Not eating is never a good way to lose weight though. It sends your body into starvation mode so when you do eat it is stored into your body as fat. Plus you run the high risk of dehydration and malnutrition.
    Something that has helped reduce my binging in the past is buying smaller one serving portions of things or preparing meals and snacks beforehand.
    Or just being aware when you are eating is a big thing, personally I'm a "bored" eater so I ask myself "Am I hungry or am I bored?"
    Even staying active is something to help you tone up and keep your mind off food, something simple like taking walks or picking up a hobby like Yoga.
    You are a beautiful person inside and that really is what matters.

    :hug: I'm always a pm away if you need to/want to talk more about this
  3. SmilePretty

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    to curb an appetite drink water and chew gum
    that is what i do in order to not eat at all.....but it also works to make your mind think that it is getting nutrients and stops cravings.
  4. oh wow, i thought i was just really weird (well, i'm that aswell) but i never knew it was an eating disorder! it sounds a bit strange, but when i manage to skip a meal, or when i get rid of the food that i've eaten, it feels like i've accomplished something, i like that feeling
  5. nrvsreck

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    I basically don't eat anything until dinner time and then I eat a very small meal (not veggie). Don't really have any problem with it until the weekend comes and I want to eat a bit more. But the guilt keeps me from it. I do feel like I've accomplished something each day when I go all day without eating, and yet it's the worst thing I can do. It's the exact opposite of what I should do: eat a good breakfast, several low-cal meals throughout the day, and a very small dinner (or no dinner).
  6. immure

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    don t count caliries it will drive u crazy and never help u reach ur goal. its not our stomach that makes us hungry its our blood
    if its not meating its needs it make u crave things to get it
    eating varity and combining the food groups in ther best seving size and u will eat urself skinny
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