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Is this all there is?

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I'm glad you're here. You are asking good questions. In fact, every person comes to a point in their lives when they too ask some of the same questions. What is the point? What's it all about? Why go on? These questions are good questions and deserve consideration. And to answer your question, NO THIS ISN'T ALL THERE IS. There is so much more waiting for you.....

You are an accomplished man. You've done a lot of different things. As you say, "in the past"...... Now, life has presented you with some new challenges. The past is the past. It was good then. You made significant accomplishments. In the past. 03' you injured your knee. And that too is in the past.

But, what about your present? What about the challenges you're facing now? Perhaps, you feel that you deserve to be in Senior management. Perhaps, you feel that persons on your management team are holding you back. You feel they won't let you pass go and collect $200 (monopoly).... so to speak.

You are selling yourself short! You're a bright man. Start your own business. Be your own boss. Set your own schedule. Coach as often as you can....do what YOU LOVE to do. Find new interests! New hobbies! But, do what you LOVE to do .... you don't have to stay in a dead end job.

You matter! Your life and existence matters! You are WORTH FAR MORE than a million dollars. Don't sell yourself short. Don't sell your wife and son short. Don't sell your family short!.....Its time for you to get back in the game of life.

You've been out of the game for a while. And, its time for you to get back in the game. Its time for you to explore some new offensive/defensive strategies. There's so much more for you. In some ways, you've only just begun. And, your best days are IN FRONT OF YOU. You've done so much hard work to get where you are today....Don't toss it away....

Your past was a stepping stone into your FUTURE. Step up! Step up to life. Get back in the game and start PLAYING HARD. You are at a point in your life where you CAN NOW DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Your best days are not the days behind you "in the past".....YOUR BEST DAYS ARE IN FRONT OF YOU. IN FRONT OF YOU. Start living the kind of life you have always dreamed! Begin to find meaningful ways to live your life. C'mon Coach....teach your team HOW TO LIVE A MEANINGFUL LIFE....its time to get back in the game.

God bless you,
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