Is this an eating disorder?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by whybother?, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. whybother?

    whybother? Well-Known Member

    Rite im totally in the dark wen it comes to things like this so forgive me for being stupid.

    Ok i havn't had a proper meal for about 2 months now, i eat the odd slice of bread here and there, or sum toast, in the last 2 months ive tried to eat a proper meal but ive always been sick afterwards(not by choice, i just bring it back up cuz i feel sick) anyway all of yesturday and today ive not eaten a single thing, becuz everytime im hungry i feel sick, but by not feeling sick i have to eat, which makes me sick! im kinda going of my drink aswell, all ive had to drink today is 2 glasses of juice, thats it! my family have said ive got very skinny, and im very worried about this :( ive told my doctor all this, but he was NO help at all :(

    i dont plan on eating 2morrow tbh, even the thought of eating makes me wanna throw up

    is this an eating disorder? if so can sum1 please give me advice on how to cope with it, cuz im so drained and tired from not eating, im sick of feeling sick wen i eat,

    HELP :sad:
  2. msking03

    msking03 Member

    Are you feeling depressed or anything? It sounds more like disordered eating than an eating disorder (that is if you are really just sick after eating and you're not making yourself throw up).

    Here's the main question: When you feel sick after a meal do you feel you must make yourself throw up to feel better, or does it really come up on its own?

    If you feel you must make yourself throw up then it could be because you haven't had a decent meal. I know when I have not been eating right and I have a lack of food in my system then I feel like I will be sick when I eat, but it never comes up on its own and I have to make sure I hold it down, and eat a regular meal at regular times each day and I feel tons better.

    If you have been feeling depressed and/or stressed out it could be causing you to lose your appetite which will make you sick when you try to eat, and then the lack of eating will cause what I mentioned above.

    If neither of this hold true, you could have something else going on as well.

    No matter what, you NEED to get another doctor. There is obviously something wrong, and what you're going through is VERY unhealthy no matter the cause, and it needs to be taken care of.
  3. d-pressed

    d-pressed Well-Known Member


    I think it's best to try and avoid labels here and think about how you can get fit again.

    First, I suggest a short-term solution so that you keep your energy levels up as well as your in-take of vits and so on. Make a smoothie in the morning by mixing up your favourite fruit mixed up with complan and milk. The fruit is primarily to cover up the taste of the complan. I used to use the vanilla flavoured one. Taking something that is liquid will be easier for the moment. As your appetite goes back up hopefully this should lead to you taking more solids again.

    However, if there are deeper roots to this problem (I don't know whether events or an illness 2 months ago may have triggered it off?) then other measures need to be taken. You sound however as though you're doubting you have an 'eating disorder' as such, and therefore that you have a mentally difficult relationship with food as well as physical. However, that you are on a suicide forum is slightly worrying too?

    All the best.
  4. whybother?

    whybother? Well-Known Member

    sry i didnt make my thread more clear

    first of yes i am very depressed and i self harm and have tried to kill myself in the past

    second of all no i dont feel the need to make myself feel sick, i just feel sick then it comes up ...

    great idea with the smoothie thing but i have no fruit or anything, and becuz i have no income i cant buy any :(

    and the only reason im unsure if its an ''eating disorder'' is becuz im a dumb **** and not sure wat makes an ''eating disorder''
  5. weltunter

    weltunter Member

    I can relate. The reasons for my being sick after eating + sometimes having to throw up is because I have a chronic gastritis. There are several causes for a gastritis. Mine stems from a surgery I had, but others include stress (like depression for example) and a certain kind of bacteria.
  6. Hurted

    Hurted Well-Known Member

    If you dont eat because you want to loose weight, than its eating disorder.

    In any case, it looks like something is seriously wrong with you... Did you talk
    with your parents about this? Do you think that they could help?
  7. delargeal

    delargeal Well-Known Member

    I've had a similar problem recently. Aside from the odd day here and there, I havn't had an appetite for over a month. The only reason I've been eating at all is simply because I want to avoid being ill even though eating tends to make me feel nauseous. On some days I've just simply forgotten to eat.

    It's almost like you're body starts saying you're hungry but the mind just won't accept it and blanks it out.
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