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is this an eating disorder?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by fading_dreams, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. fading_dreams

    fading_dreams Well-Known Member

    okay, well i was doing something, i'm working to stop now, but.... i think it might be binge or something, but i really don't think it was normal eating.... i would binge, not really big ones, just eat a big dinner and then a whole bunch of candy or something. and i can't throw up without getting caught, so i would just starve myself and for the next day i would eat, maybe one plum or something like that, and the day after that.... and then i would binge again... this isn't how normal people eat, i know, because i've seen it... so.... what was it? was it an eating disorder?
  2. Yeah * Disordered eating * If you can stop then its good because you can get sucked in quite quickly and then you can't get out *
  3. snowflake

    snowflake New Member

    I do the same thing. I felt guilty two days ago for eating three steamed potatoes, three slices of toast (with butter), and a bowl of mac and cheese. So, yesterday all I had to eat was an apple.
  4. TTrocP

    TTrocP Guest

    I too am guilty of this, one night I'll eat a whole bunch of chips or something then the next day all I'll eat is cellary
  5. zwishenzug

    zwishenzug Member

    It doesn't sound like a full blown disorder, but this is how these things get started. First it's pretty minor dieting/eating cycles, then before you know it, you'll fall into a classic eating disorder pattern.

    My advice is to start eating lots of small meals so that you never get hungry. This way you won't slip into a binge as easily. Make sure your meals are balanced. Don't count calories. Just get lots of carbs, some protein, a little fat, and sugar every now and then.

    Consult a nutritionist if you're worried about healthy eating.
  6. Casey.

    Casey. Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's a "disorder", but there definitely is something wrong with the picture. But I think you should be really careful about pulling yourself out before something serious starts. I agree with zwishenzug up there. Small meals.
  7. louies77

    louies77 Member

    Hey Dreams,

    Eating addictions comes in a couple of forms, i.e. some people are bulimics while others are anorexia. Bulimics will go on eating binges, while anorexia will strive hard to avoid food. Anorexia eating addictions causes the person to binge while eating, or else cut back on food, while the person places the finger in the mouth to cause vomiting. The issue for the person is gaining weight. On the other hand, bulimics will eat, eat, and eat simply because they cannot get enough. The person often feels regret after overeating, yet they lose control and eat more.

    Other types of problems come from addictions, including obsessive-compulsive disorders, which mean the person is obsessed with food to fulfill a need, and compulsive to eat to relieve an area of trouble. With eating disorders in mind, and primary the two being bulimic and anorexic, the variants extend to, including bingers, grazers, etc.


  8. hottignorance

    hottignorance Active Member

    I do the same thing... I eat alot one day... Then I don't eat for the next three days....

    Then it just repeats....

  9. Er....no.

    Anorexia is starvation and the "issue" is not just about gaining weight.

    Bulimia is binging and throwing up....they don't just eat and eat and eat, regret it, then eat more.....they eat and eat and eat and then they purge until they're empty and then they begin again.

    Lots of people flit between the two but some stick to just one. Get your inormation right.
  10. fading_dreams

    fading_dreams Well-Known Member

    thanks guys... i appreciate it.... thank you so much for replying.... i mean, i would have much prefered to just not have this problem, but if i do, then at least i can kind of know what it is... you know? sometimes knowledge is better than ignorance.... sometimes, not all the times... anyway...
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