Is this any way to hold a peace conference?

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  1. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    As many of you may know, Israel and the Paestinians have recently started another round of "peace talks".

    Of course, once they start, there is always an exchange of rocket fire between Israel and the militant Hamas palestinians, who do not want peace. Hence, the initial barage came from Gaza where Hamas is in control politically and has the weaponry to launch such attacks!

    I have always maintained that there will never be a successful peace treaty between the Palstinians and Israel because Hamas insists on the destruction of Israel and nothing less. The Palestinian political party represented by Abbas (sp?) on the West Bank has no control or power over the Hamas militants and therefore there can be no peace.

    I suppose a peace deal could be worked out eventually, but it would not bring about any kind of realistic or lasting peace.

    "And so it goes"! (Kurk Vonnegut)

    **I assume that I will be providing links very shortly as others comment on how Israel probably started the exchange of rocket fire and how the "Israeli settlements" are the source of the inability to secure peace and how Hamas did't fire any rockets or does not insist on the destruction of Israel. Fingers at the ready, but will only start when the posts start flying!
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  2. Axiom

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    im not really well versed on this topic, but there are idiots on both sides granted.
    Both sides I think need to accept that there are going to be people who will take deadly action during any peace talks, and work through them.

    Though, they really should be spreading their influence on both sides to every faction and have a true ceasefire, not one that the "governments" impose.
  3. Hache

    Hache Well-Known Member

    It seems to be, as always, that the "peace" is more of a ceasefire or at least desired terms are a lot about stopping each other growing.
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