Is this classed as rape?

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by blackstar23, May 11, 2015.

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  1. blackstar23

    blackstar23 New Member

    So i was drunk and stupidly locked myself out of my bedroom, naked. I guess i went to the toilet right next to my room and the latch wasn't on the door to it locked closed behind me.. I panicked, found a large towel wrapped it around me and went into my housemates bedroom because I knew he was out until morning. Still in the towel i got into his bed and just went to sleep.
    I woke up to him poking me in the face asking why i was in his bed and naked so I explained id locked myself out. I told him to just let me sleep it off but instead he got on the bed with me.. i asked him again 'please just let me sleep'. He then moved the duvet off me and unwrapped my towel and touched my breasts whilst i tried to cover myself with my arms and told him 'no, stop just let me sleep' I then tried to ignored him and went to sleep then he started kissing me even though i was basically asleep and not even moving i just tried to ignore him and hope he'd get the message. I then <Mod Edit, WildCherry: graphic details>. At that point i told him a stern 'NO stop it please go and leave me to sleep' then he started saying 'but I've wanted to have sex with you for ages' i told him 'i don't care stop it' he kept repeating 'why?' and 'but i want to' <Mod Edit, WildCherry: graphic details> to which i yelled out in pain 'omg no stop it stop it right now' he replied a few more times with 'but i want to' after me crying he saw that i was distressed and he got off me, and left me alone completely he even threw me some of his clothes to put on.
    So I'm confused because it technically didn't last long enough to really be classed as sex (even though it felt like forever to me) and he saw that i said no and eventually he did leave me alone.. its kind of scared me though for that time i felt powerless and honestly thought he was going to go through with the entire deed... i don't know if this can even be classed as rape or not?
  2. Terry

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    If he had sex with you without your consent, then it's rape.
    Ring a rape crisis centre and talk to someone about it.
  3. Petal

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    Yes this is rape plain and simple. No if's your but's, you said NO. Report it to the authorities, it might help you and will prevent him from doing this to someone else. What you have been through is horrific, please get help for this. Ring the samaritans, call the rape crisis centre. Do what you have to do to get some closure from what happened.
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