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Is this creepy?

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Okay. Long story short. Two years ago. I worked with a girl. I asked her out, she said no. Things went bad (as friends). I got creepy.

Fast-forward to now. I like writing. So I decided to volunteer at a writers event that is coming up. After I sent in an email to volunteer I notice girls brother is on the volunteer list. I did some more searching, with names and keywords, and it would seem this girl is involved in similar projects, with the same people. The volunteer place has not contacted me, since I gave them my info, even though they said they would as of last week.

So I wrote this email. Would sending this email be creepy?


Hi ********

I didn't hear anything from you in regards to volunteering, so I thought I would touch base with you.

As I have worked closely with many ***********, I can really appreciate the importance of this years theme. I am very excited about the ******** theme, as I am a huge proponent of *********.

However, I do believe there is something you should be aware of. I came across a name on the ******** site, a person with whom I used to work with. Now I do not feel it appropriate to name this individual. I will admit that I was a major creep-show to this individual, for which I take complete responsibility, and for all of which I regret.

The reason I bring this up, is that no matter what my flaws are, I am an honest person. I am an aspiring writer (excuse the poor grammar in this email), so I am making efforts to become more involved in the literature community. That being said, I am afraid my presence will make this individual very uncomfortable and be problematic, as my involvement might be misunderstood.

I still would love to volunteer for this upcoming event; but I would understand if this was not a possibility. I would greatly appreciate it, whatever the case, if you could recommend some other events or groups that I could join or volunteer at.
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