Is this delusional ?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by wanttodie, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. wanttodie

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    i like to watch too much of dragonball/dragonballz/dragonballgt..i dont know there is something about the characters in that anime that make me feel less constantly thinking about it..even though i know its false, i like to constantly think that im a z warrior and i should prepare myself for just makes me feel better..the whole thought gets me excited..all this while im a 21 yr old unemployed man with intense social phobia..when i remind myself of this i feel like a pathetic shit once again and then again i need to far from reality of whats going on outside my house as i have cut myself totally from them..i know most poeple are lauging at me because of my past;..but i really dont want to even know that because it gives me i stay in this delusional world of my, internet,skeeping, gossiping with family..
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  2. aramaki

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    I think there is an extent to which we all create our own reality in which to live. But you do not sound at all delusional - you would be if you stated that you thought Dragonball Z was real. Instead - it seems to be a comfort to you in your current state of depression, and you seem also to be using it as a metaphor for your life right now. I think lots of people toy with ideas like this - drama and storytelling have long been a way of understanding the real world through symbolism.

    To think though, that people may be laughing at you is a symptom of low self esteem, or maybe depression, and is almost certainly incorrect. I have been suffering a lot of low self esteem recently - and I do understand what you mean.

    In my darkest hours of depression recently, I have been hanging on to comforting things - the words of my family - supporting comments from the few friends I have (who thankfully are very dear friends), or a comedy film (e.g. a Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau film) - or a fun episode of the Midsomer Murders...

    I think for many of us, the challenge is to move towards positive action - which is easier said than done, I know, but I guess that must be where hope lies. But knowing that you always have something there that you can enjoy, is always a reassurance.
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