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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by KPT monster, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. KPT monster

    KPT monster Member

    Im not sure where this goes but I guess Ill ask it here. right now Im not really fat, just kinda chubby and I just want to be a lil more lean. So I was thinking of just not eating at all for like a week then found out that wasnt too healthy so there fore this is what I thouht I would do. I would eat something healthy for lunch and dinner and not eat ANYTHING else at ANY other time of the day no matter how hungary I get. Does that sound bad?
  2. elliebelle

    elliebelle Active Member

    It's better to just eat healthier foods than starve yourself. You don't have to starve to lose weight. Go for proteins, veggies, fruits and complex carbohydrates. When you starve yourself your body goes into starvation mode and stores the calories anyway. What you're wanting to do is how a lot of eating disorders start and trust me it's so not worth it.
  3. Beret

    Beret Staff Alumni

    KPT just as ellie has said when you starve yourself youll loose weight a lot slower then with a balanced diet. Try to cut down on sweets (sigh i know thats hard), eat lots of veggies and some fruit, and try to work out a bit (walking, biking or whatever you like).
    Good luck hun
  4. Evo_L

    Evo_L Well-Known Member

    Eat green vegs and lean meats like chicken.

    It's kinda a semi-atkins, however a lack of carbs will make you feel withdrawn and depressed if you do it for a period longer than 5 days. It's a wise choice, but crash diets won't address any long term weight issues.
  5. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    To loose weight is not something that happends overnight so lets start by that. It takes time and patience and lots of love for ourselves. When we love ourselves, we want what is best for us, and we provide for it.

    What the body needs is a bit of everything, wihtout exception but all is in the balance. Eat a little of meat, a little veggies, a bit of fruit and a bit of carbohydro etc... even a sweet if it is a bit size just to take the craving away and satisfy the brain (sending messages that mood wants to be cuddled).

    Now what are the dosage in all this? If you can go to a diet doc. better if not, your family doctore can provide you with a balance diet (basic) to begin with. Each age has needs different from another so dont trust diets for adults to fit a young teenager for example. Or a sedentary person for a sportive person.

    There are a few things that should be reduced as much as possible and they are mostly fat. Fat as in butter, margarine and many type of cheese.. better use pure olive oil, about 2 table spoon a day. Eggs is something else that should be limited...... white meat is leaner than others so recomended yet fish is also fatless and very good and tasty. Milk you can switch to a 2% or soy milk.

    There are many things that can help you on a balance and healthy diet. You can look onto cuicine sites..... or many health sites that gives information
    at reguarding.

    One last thing hunny. Diet is not about starving as they all told you already. when you starve even skipping a meal, the brain takes note of it and decides on its own to store some extra in case you do it again and each time you do, the brain will add some more that wont be elminated as it is storing pure fat. It is better to eat 5 small meals at REGULAR times each day as it will be faster eliminated as the brain will take it as no need to save anything she-he will feed me again in two three hours so whey bother? so it will sleep on this and not be active.

    You also need to exercise. No need to go to fitness club or the like.. just a good habit of walking at a fairly good paste (well start by walking to get used to it, then longer and longer walks with slowly increasing the paste) that way you will burn the little you have eaten yet not tirying either your brain or muscles. Cycling is also a good exercise, natation if you like or whatever sport or activity as long as you make it a rule to do it least two
    or three times a week.... the more the better but not less than twice or three times.

    Remember that even if you eat little, what you eat if not burnt will be added costantly in your body so exercise is necessary no matter what and will solidify your muscles tonus which will prevent from being lean on parts and other parts seem out of shape.

    Hope this will help you.

    Good luck and let us know of your progress as time goes

    granny xx
  6. starving will lead to anorexia, anorexia will lead to alot of complications ending in death.
    although i totally contradicted myself here, dont starve.
    do what everyone has suggested.

    if you do it this way, you may never stop starving.
    then when you do eat, youll restrict, or make yourself sick.
    or you may not need to make yourself sick.
    starving will lead to weight loss, but youll become seriously underweight and end up dying.
    not just from being underweight but you can get VERY ill from doing this.

    trust me when i say its not a road worth going down.

    stick to healthy diets and healthy amount of exercising.
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