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is this normal?


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so um i have noticed somethings that have gone weird with me ever since i met a friend 2 years ago every time i don't see her and i need to rant about something my ming automatically visualizes her face in our classroom where i usually had class with her and in my head i rant to her unconsciously.

before when i wanted to stop thinking about someone or something i uses to visualize it getting cutin half to get rid of it but now that feeling has turned into something else. it turned into a feeling more like filleting something. i can image creamy thing getting perfectly sliced in thin slice but at the same time it loos more closes to a boiled egg and white fish than human thighs. that feeling goes away slight when i debone chicken thighs and take fat of drumsticks when i cook chicken.

i also seemed to be obsessed with names and faces for some reason i want to get them out of my head but they became intrusive thoughts this started to happen when this kid said i had a crush on him i wanted to say no but i didn't so that thought was haunting ever since my brain kept finding better ways to say no in that situation and wont stop it.


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welcome to SF we are a peer community that cares but never judges. please look around the forums and the different threads so you can meet others and find people that can relate to you and your issues. if you prefer real time we have a good chat section, so please get to know people and settle right in...mike....*hug*shake

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