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Is this normal?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by White Dove, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member


    this is going to sound strange or whatever? But what i am able to ask is really important question that i need answered from maybe anyone with medical backgrounds.

    Everyone knows ( well most do ) that i have cancer, i have had 1 round of chemo , radiation, and a new experimental drug. suppose to go back for another round in a little while, well this morning i was awaken by a sharp pain in my lower parts of my stomack area, very sharp, piercing pain. this lasted for like 2 hours. then it quit.. but at around 4 pm i got one very sharp ( sharper then this morning pain ) that went all the way around to the back then it quit but my body has become very tingly and right now i am somewhat more weaker then before..

    Now the thing that scares me is when i use the restroom, there is blood in my stool, very bright red blood and a lot of it, like if you cut your finger, then i had to go back to the restroom and it was sort of runny like i had diarreah... but it was pure blood.. ( please note - this is not my menstral cycle cause it just quit 1 week ago and it is not bleeding all the time just when i go to the restroom and take a dump, so instead of ??? i get blood coming out of me )

    now my question is,

    is this a side effect of the chemo / radiation, and drugs i took , or is this a part of cancer that i dont know about??

    please,, anyone with any medical background on here, please either pm me or reply here please??? cause i am thinking of going to the ER or maybe just letting it all go and just let myself go on and die.. i mean at least if i did just let myself go on and die it could not be called a suicide , right??? and then i would not have to worry anymore...

    i mean i was given to christmas, this is march, hey, 3 months more then what i was told...

    please, if you got any medical background, let me know??? so i can make the desion to go on and die or try and fight for a little more time.

    very serious post here, thanks.

    white dove
  2. JBird

    JBird Well-Known Member

    i imagine the pain and weakness will be due to the chemo/radiotherapy and/or the cancer, it's true when they say dying hurts, especially when its to cancer. I don't know if it would cause the bleeding, i guess it depends where the cancer is but i don't know if chemo/radiotherapy would cause it.

    Best to get it checked out by the people who gave you the experimental drug.
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    thank you for replying..

    I was needing to know do you think i need to go to the ER? is it that serious and could kill me? is it part of what cancer does to one?? but i will diffently call them monday and if they tell me to go to the ER i will..

  4. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    You may be bleeding internally. Bleeding like that can be very serious. Please don't wait until Monday. Go to the E.R. NOW.
  5. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    i just bleed a lot when i go out in the stool..

    i dont really have any gas money in my car to even make it to an ER , and besides maybe GOD is finally answering my prayer??? i asked him in my prayer to just let me go on and go. i am not waiting around for others. they obisly do not care enough to give me the answers i need to heal.. if they did they would have at least called or something?? i am just tired of fighting.. i am seriously just too dang tired of fighting. i know i asked if i should go to the ER but is it not just best to just go.???..

    what point is my life doing here? i would what? maybe they stop the bleeding if that is what it is??? for what?? 2 3 more weeks, maybe a little more of more pain???? i have to decide when i log off here just what to do... i need to think for a while.. perhaps go to sleep and if i dont wake up then well i have went to the otherside. so if perhaps i am not back here online here then all i can say is just watch for my name in an obit, and please anyone, do not, and i would repeat this a thousand times if i had to, do not attempt your life.. you could very well end up like me and suffer a lot more pain then you could ever imagine.. you dont want this much pain in your life.

    i wonder if it is that? how long does it take?? 24 hours , 48 hours, or less???

    that is probably the best , just let this run its course. so you all just let me go....

    love you all even though i have never met any of you i still love you. and please do not ever try and attempt your life cause you may end up like me or you may just go to some place you never wanted to go to.. so please... if this is my last post and it very well could be... dont ever , ever attempt your life.. if not for yourself do it for me. stay alive for me. white dove. :hug:
  6. 2for1

    2for1 Guest

    Look white dove
    both jkid and anastasia have said go to docs if it is serious like you say call 911 so you dn't waste gas..problem solved. yes it's bad if you have blood in your stool, clearly you know this. if you don't care like you said in your last post by saying why am i even here....then don't bother posting i suppose. you know what you need to do so stop making stupid excuses like i don't have alot of gas..call 911 or go to er
  7. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    wel i di nt go an i won pos abot anytin lik ths an jus fogt abut th dag ting. i decidt it tim to giv up an jus go.

    my mid cludy rihyt no.

    ye i knw i am stupd. i am an idiot. i am not worh anythig an i wil be gon an ot all an everyon ca thn rejoic tha me is finly gon fr god.

    i cam her fo 2 thigs an not realy got one of thm, wel at les i knw tht i am

    1 - stupd

    2 - worles

    3 - ignrat - wai tha sam as stupd i thik???

    4 = Dumy

    5 = Crzy

    6 = blony

    7 = not worh anthig

    8 - desrv deth

    9 = desrs ths canr

    10 = desrv pai

    11 nt lovd

    12 = nevr card fr

    yp 12 thigs i am.... an noe god..

    fogt my pos her, jus go on ti nex on.. i ned no oe ta tak wit cau i ait woth any fr beig dub an stupd fr ths pos.
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