is this paranoia?please help.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by meagainstme, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. meagainstme

    meagainstme Well-Known Member

    dont know if this is anxiety or what.
    but just wanting to know if anyone feels the same as me.

    basically. i think the world is judging me. constantly. no matter who im talking to, im assuming they are thinking something bad about me.
    its like my purpose in this life is for people to be against me and hurt me. its hard to explain. but basically its like theres always something bad at the end of everything for me.

    i feel like ive constantly got judging eyes on me.
    and i have to analyze every movement/words etc of a person to interpret what they are thinking about me.
    and then i have to analyze everything I do and then beat myself up about how i said something etc.

    i feel so low about myself and life. [depression?]

    its a vicious cycle in my mind.
    never ending judgment. guilt. embarrassment. regret. [paranoia?]

    am i alone?
  2. MrDepressed

    MrDepressed Guest

    I would say that you hit it right on, definetly some sort of paranoia.. have you been like this for a long time? have you confided this in a doctor/therapist/psychologist at all?
  3. Kalak

    Kalak Member

    Being afraid that people will judge you negatively isn't paranoia. I don't know what exactly it is, but it's a symptom of various conditions.

    I've had paranoid delusions and in my case they were more like thinking that I was always being spied on by cameras planted by my neighbours/friends or that my parents were trying to poison me.

    What you have is IIRC quite common so you are definately not alone, even if nobody on this forum has the same feelings (which I doubt) :wink:
  4. Nez

    Nez Well-Known Member

    It's a combination of depression and slight paranoia your struggling with.

    You're thinking that everytime someone says something nice to you they don't really mean it or they have dark intentions with it, am I right?
  5. thinker

    thinker Guest

    People are constantly judging you. The more aware you are the more you will see that. Judgment is what makes the cohesion and separation of groups possible. The judgment is sometimes negative and sometimes positive. It isn't realistic to believe that it's always negative unless you are constantly attacking or insulting people, or you have a particular quality or behavior that actually does make you stand out. Like if you are African American and walked in on a Klu Klux Clan meeting, it would not be paranoia to assume that everyone there is judging you negatively. You have to take all factors into account to see the picture as it really is from the other people's perspective. You can never fully know for 100%, but you should be able to get a good enough idea to avoid the people who judge you that severely and be around people who like things about you.

    For almost everything you can think of that might be judged negatively by some people, there are other people who will judge that positively. If you start to gain a person's trust and do things that make them feel good or more comfortable around you, their level of negative judgment of you will generally be reduced because they will start to identify with you and they will see a benefit to being positive about you.
  6. TLA

    TLA Antiquitie's Friend

    NO, I do not think you are alone. Many of us do the same. Some may not be in tune enough to admit it. hahah...I do the same paranoia! It is maddening
    to a great extent. You have to STOP yourself, give yourself a reality check and know which is truth and which is blah! It may occur more if specific times, or if under stress. I have had to learn about not "taking it personally".
    And not comparing myself with others on clothes, grades, cars, etc.
    Look for a self test on web or ask social worker/couselor what way to dx it.

    Good Luck!! :thumbup:
  7. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    You are not alone in thinking that people are judging you. We are all being judged in some way or another. It does not necessarily mean you are paranoid, but it could be some sort of phobia or disorder still. It is difficult when we feel people are out to hurt us. Are you in any type of therapy? If so, mention this to you therapist. They may have some coping techniques to help you deal with it. :hug:
  8. Ashamed

    Ashamed Member

    I have the same problem . And I know it because I have social anxiety . Maybe you are giving too much credit to what everyone else is thinking of you , because you don´t believe in yourself enough . I do know that it can make you feel like you are loosing your mind , but it´s just a consequence of thinking too much in those negative thoughts . It´s really difficult for me to not get trapped in that vicious cycle , because I have this problem since I was very young . But I think it would be better for you to see a psychologist .
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