Is this story funny? If so then I hope it cheers you up...

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Anonymousboy, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Anonymousboy

    Anonymousboy Member

    I was staying over on my Grandad and his wifes canal boat, we got really drunk and had a laugh, a deep talk and played with there dog then went to sleep.
    I woke up in the middle of the night dehydrated, thirsty and really really needing a piss, my stomach felt like a football I was so desperate!
    I started debating whether to tip-toe to the toilet but the toilet was only a few feet from there bed, with a wall in between obviously but a really thin one and I didn't wanna piss really loud.
    I plucked up the courage to tip-toe there but as I got to the toilet silently the dog started barking, I remember thinking "oh shit, oh shit, I really need this piss!", they told it to shutup and I tip-toes back to my room feeling so depressed at the situation haha.
    Then I wondered if the little windows in my room could open somehow so I could piss into the river I was that desperate! But there was no way to open any of them, so I lay on my bed for about an hour and finally managed to get to sleep.
    The next morning I heard movements and they were starting to wake up, taking no chances I sprinted into the bathroom and my Grandad's wife looked at me gone out, like she was shocked but I really didn't care at the time and I had my long awaited piss.
    Man. That was the best piss I ever had.

    Lmao? :laugh:
  2. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni


    Gonna move this to the coffee house as its a more of a joke post :tongue:
  3. Anonymousboy

    Anonymousboy Member

    Oh man! I was hoping to cheer up the suicidal lot!
    It ain't gonna do much good here is it my darling :huh:
  4. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    The whole forum is a full of suicidal lot :tongue: Your'll be surprised by the amount of people that use the coffee house. Aslo in the 'suicide forum'' subsection there will be an icon that will show that your post has been moved, so anyone looking in that part of the forum can click the link and it will bring them straight to your post.
  5. Anonymousboy

    Anonymousboy Member

    Ok thanks!
    I just wanna spread some positivity throughout the website :biggrin:
  6. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I don't know how you managed to hold it that long. The sound of water does me in every time. :dunno:
  7. Anonymousboy

    Anonymousboy Member

    Haha, it's lucky I can hold it then, or Ida pissed myself! :|
    I think my joke has flopped, nobody has replied with a grin...
    My bad :rolleyes:
  8. Hurted

    Hurted Well-Known Member

    I could not fall asleep...:)
  9. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    well... i tend to hold for hours just because im too lazy to go to the bathroom :laugh:
  10. KirstyMissJimBob

    KirstyMissJimBob Well-Known Member

    lol me too im the same
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