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That the person I look up to most in life is a professional wrestler? His name is CM Punk and his motto in real life and in character is his straight edge lifestyle. I mean I have great parents, but they're kind of clueless when it comes to how I'm feeling. I have a therapist but I still haven't quite learned to open up to him yet. But CM Punk's words have actually stopped me from doing drugs anytime I've considered it. He's kind of like a superhero to me even though I'm 19. He's seems like you're average guy but he's never drank, smoked or done any drugs in his life before and I respect that so much. I used to occasionally turn to alcohol when I was feeling depressed, but sometimes it would just make me feel worse. My friends are all good people, but only one of them really understands what I go through and that's because he does also. But it's just nice for me to know that there's one celebrity out there that doesn't abuse drugs or drink himself crazy. Even if he denounces drugs while playing a 'bad guy', the things he says are right.

But I don't know, I just feel a bit embarrassed saying that one of my role models is a professional wrestler when I'm about to turn 20.

First thread on here and I hope to meet some really good people.


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Hi and welcome...wrestling is theater...and usually modelled after mythology so it makes good sense to find a character that appeals to you...if you find his message helpful, that is wonderful...we never know where we will find information that will positively influence our lives...welcome again, J

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No i do not find that strange at all many wrestlers have good mottos so to speak I am glad you can find someone that you idolize really nice to have you here.
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