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Is this what growing up is?

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Im 25 now. I live out of home, have a decent job, not that worried about money. But I hate living. I'm just so lonely. All my friends live close by but no one has time to see each other anymore. All working, and then on the weekend we have to spend time with our spouses. I try to call and arranged activities like seeing a movie or whatever but the answers always 'Sorry I'm just too tired' 'I have to take my partner out to dinner' 'I have work to do'. It never used to be like this - people had energy and enthusiasm - now they have debts and relationship commitments.

I don't want to be part of this world. I dont want a house, or a mortgage or a credit card. I'm sick of white picket fences and 9 to 5 and joint bank accounts. No one does anything anymore. No art or plays or celebrations or travel.

I've just had it - fed up. Its time to quit.


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Or maybe time to find other people as well. I do think responsiblities take over at a certain age, and that we are not as available. Maybe if you find someone at work who you can go out with afterwards, you will have the company you want
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