is ti possible

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i am really sick of everyione knowing about my problems... pretty much every one knows about my suicidal stuff and cutting and depression.
i dont want to have to cover it up, i want to be able to be honest with my school counsellor, i really do. but by law she has to tell someone my mum is worryed s***less about me to the point that i have to sleep with my door open and not allowed to go on holidays or be home alone.
so i am thinking that i could maybe cover it all up?? just pretend to be happy, pretend to be able to sleep at night, pretend that i dont want to die...
but all that seems hard to pretend to do, because i want to be honest... just that being honest gets me put in hospital.


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I think you should be honest, that way people can help you. Talk to your counsellor about how you feel about people knowing, maybe he/she can find a way to help you with that. Please dont cover it all up, when you do that you just get in more pain. Im so happy for you for wanting to be honest, a lot of people dont have that strength.

Take care and good luck, Aly _%


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i know how you feel it seems that every one is always worring and i dont want to hide it but if i dont then i get put in the hospitle so i know how you feel... i would pretend every thing is ok (thats what i do) but if things get to much to handle have at least one really close friend that wont open her mouth and get you hospitalized but that can listen and help you through... thats what i have one close friend...then theres all of you...
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