Is what i'm doing really THAT bad?(triggering

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    like sure, yesterday i took XXXX them against my arm about 30 times. but i mean i'm not burning my hand off, i just find that it helps me see the pain i'm feeling. idk. as weird as this may sound, i actually like looking at my cuts and scars. i dont have many (the only scars i have are on my hip when i used a XXXX.) idk im new to this place...i'm just trying to figure evrything out...
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  2. dazzle11215

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    i like looking at my scars, too. it's part of the appeal of self harm for me. it externalizes teh pain i'm feeling internally. i feel like i can point to the scars and say look, that's how much it hurts.

    welcome to SF. you will find many friends here.
  3. Madam Mim

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    Our scars symbolise and represent our pain, and are an important part of who we are, even if it is a private part that we do not share with the world (i.e. by hiding our scars).

    Although we do not see it as a bad behaviour, others do because to them causing physical pain is something to be avoided. They cannot understand how it can be preferable to emotional pain. They also just don't like to be reminded of how badly some people can hurt, and they think that if they can stop you cutting, you will somehow be saved.

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