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Island of Thoughts II

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Sa Palomera

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I was on my Island again today. really enlightening again.

Yet now I'm sad. I dont know what my problem is, why I am the way I am, why I do what I do. Actually I don't know anything anymore. I don't know who I am.
Missy Higgins says it all nicely in Where I Stood. ghehe.


I dont know why I started writing this thread. I'm lost.

Sa Palomera

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Here I found myself again on the Island of Thoughts.
Laying in the bathtub, enjoying the bubbles and streams with some Feng Shui music on the background, I floated off to my Island again. Hoovering over my thoughts, watching everything from the outside.

Beautiful really.

You know I even came up with a theory. Theoretically speaking everything could be for free.
Say someone who likes to build things as a hobby, they could build machines as their hobby for free. Then those could be used to process things. E.g. to make cheese out of the milk, which farmers (who do their farming as a hobby, for free). And if someone doesnt have any skills which they could do as a hobby to contribute to this world, then why not have someone who's good at it, teach it to them.
That'd be the perfect world. Everything could be for free in this world then. I think many people would be so much happier then. I know I would.
There would be no need to make money anymore, because everything'd be for free anyway. There would be no greedy people anymore because anything would be for free anyway.
I guess I'm creating myself a fantasy here..
The economy for ya. You'd need energy to run those machines. Goverment wouldn't run a machine if their wasn't something in it for them.

Good theory tho.

But then again, does one need money to be happy? Not necessarily, so how would it make us happy if everything was free?
there would be no poor people in the world then
True but money doesn't make people happy. Every country imports and exports, countries specialize in different things such as Japan with technology. Many countries are limited to what they can do with technology so they import from Japan. In order to import you need a pretty big plane lol, Who builds jets in their spare time? You need money to be able to run machines aswell as transport things.

Not making my point very clear am i lol


I'm going to my island of thoughts when I go swimming in about an hour. If only my good thoughts would really take me to the island, I'd be so much happier. At least no more Cynthia nightmares.

Sa Palomera

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okay some more thoughts completely unrelated to previous posts in this topc, but it's my island of thoughts so I just post in here anyway

why do I let him and that stupid wife of his get to me like this. I should be thankful to them, yet I'm not. They are pushing my buttons. I know I'll snap. today, tomorrow, next week, next month. I will snap. it all hurts just getting up and doing anything.. it hurts
life hurts so much. I know I've been doing worse and worse every day. hell I even left the Dido boards completely and y'all know how much that place meant to me. I've taken distant from the people who once were my best mates.
I cant deal with hurting people anymore. I know I'm hurting people. On daily basis actually.

Every day when my flatmate/friend C. sees me I see hurt. It hurts her to see me slipping away like this. APparently that's what's happening. I'm slipping away. And I guess I really am.

Oh well, it is what I deserve. If I can't get myself to do anything.. then why should I even live? I mean.. I don't want to breathe, I want to LIVE. but seems like I can't..

oh well.. guess .. whatever. nevermind me.
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