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Isn't it better to go out on top?

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Looking back, I realize that I've accomplished a lot of things and had the opportunity to experience a lot of things. I've had my share of problems in the past, but nothing one would consider to be a rough upbringing.

It's almost been one year since I began my career, and everything seems to be fine. Yet, I feel really dead and numb inside. Instead of appreciating all that I have, I can't help but think about what I don't have.

I hate re-reading this because I already know I come across as arrogant in it. Anyways, my point being, life is boring, nothing seems to really change. Same workdays, same clubs on the weekends, same superficial LA crowd. It's so mundane, it's so boring, it's so cliche.

I really can't help but feel that going out now would be the greatest career move of all. 23, I've hit my peak, and instead of finding out if it's downhill from here, I can explore the afterlife, see what's next. Becoming a legend in my circle of friends, talked about for the rest of their existence.


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Maybe you should just consider moving and big lifestyle change, but I get what your saying...im bored witless 90% of the time, nothing really excites me anymore, I dont really get any joy from life these days....everyone is lost in there own little bubble, I honestly think society is in decline...

Such is life...if thats what you call it.


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At 23, you have so much more to explore. You may think you have done just about everything you want to do, but you still have a whole life time to find out what makes you happy. If the crowd gets you down, find a new hangout. I personally like sitting at the beach, watching the waves. If your career gets you down, consider a change... you're young enough to try something different.

What it comes down to is that there is no amount of money or people in this world who can make you happy and satisfied. Only you can do that, and you have to find that within yourself. Find something you like, or would like to try, and just go do it... You'll never know unless you try.


You like Joy Division? I think their awesome! :biggrin:


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Joy devision kick ass!

I was reading your thread and it occured to me that it might be the begginings of depression that are causing you to be bored. One symptom of depression is to lose interest in things you used to love. I've wanted to be a games programmer since i was about 14. I'm twenty now and in my final year at uni for it, and i dont care about it anymore.
I also agree with MJ in that life really is mundane a lot of the time. If it was exciting all of the time, we wouldnt know we were excited. But for it to be mundane too much will just bring you down. Find something you like to do on your own or with friends. If you need time off work to do it, take it if you can. Go out and enjoy yourself and listen to Joy Devision more :D
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