isn't it strange we're all lonely together

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  1. Shoshana

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    i read a survey when i was in middles school that over 50 percent of girls my age would rather kill themselves then live as a fat person.

    needless to say this has stuck with me.

    now i'm 24 and i'm still fat and i've never had real sex or even a real kiss for that matter.

    i fell in love with my best friend four years ago and just barely made it out alive. he would have loved me if i was thin. i have no doubt. and i could have gotten thin for him...if i had any control over the things i do.

    i'm horrified to show my body to another person. my fat is my scar, and i haven't healed yet. i think being loved would help me get there. but it keeps people away. i keep people away.

    sometimes i even wake up feeling beautiful, but then i remember that i'm alone, and i've always been alone.

    most of the time i look in the mirror and lie. lie to make it through.

    i want to make real life happen.
  2. lightbeam

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    I'm sure you are beautiful the way you are. :hug:
  3. tweetypie

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    :hiya: hun you are not alone in that feeling. I am a big girl myself but i have gained very little control over my eating. If you need to talk anytime please just message me xxx
  4. ConfusedSilence

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    If this guy would only have loved you if you were thin, he doesn't sound like a keeper.

    There's someone out there who, when he sees you, will think you're the most beautiful person ever. Just wait for him. :)
  5. Rayne

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    1. If it's conditional, it ain't love. He wasn't worth your affection.

    2. You can take your control back, you just have to do it slowly.

    Have you seen your GP? They might be able to give you a diet plan to help with weight loss.