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Isolated and unwanted!

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I guess everytime I try and attempt, I go half way with the plan and stop, I feel pathetic when not doing it, why did god not create a suicide button on the back of our heads to stop us from living a painful life? I cryed myself to sleep last night, cryed silently as tears rushed down my tired face and all I could think about was death. How it would be wonderful to <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods> I've tried those but felt to scared to do it on a scale of1-10 I have to be a 8 to attempt, today I am 7.5. Nobody wants me alive, I wish I was dead, I wish I diddn't have to go through this pain, don't see my couseller until after Easter break, the thoughts are so strong, just can't do this no more :( Just wish I had the courage within me to kill myself, can'tstop cryiing, finding it hard to control breathing why am I still alive :blub:?
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Your not stupid for not being able to do this... Your just human. Our brains are evolved to keep us alive even when its telling us we want to die. Stick with us, keep fighting.


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You're not stupid...the body fights for survival even when our mind is depressed and wants us dead. It's human instinct to want to live. Until we're pushed over the edge with whatever is going on with our lives, and we truly lose all hope and deem nothing worth living for, we won't be able to commit suicide.


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Your definitely not stupid, thinking of suicide gives release because you see it as a way out, a way to solve the problems or stress that your under.

Dont believe it, its a lie, most attempts fail, and some wake up with more tragedy than what made them attempt in the first place. You will need to brainwash yourself into thinking that you can change things around you, and that your life can get better. Thats what the depression does to me, its brainwashed me into thinking that leaving this world, leaving my family behind, that noone will care, that I wont be missed is the way to achieve happiness but will it really? I cant see one reason how it would change things, if anything it would cause more grief, more anguish and more ideas that suicide is the way to go.

I hope that you continue to post here and let things out.

Oh yea, I love the name Alexis, if I ever had a girl I was going to name her Taylor Alexis, but instead I had 2 boys, mean bratty boys, lol.
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