Isolated Moments

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    I let my body
    Rock itself to sleep
    Place phantom arms around me

    Listen to my mind
    Have an invented conversation
    With a phantom voice

    Beyond my damaged hearing
    Trilling music plays

    It promises
    A dance to the moon
    To the edge of love

    I don’t believe it.

    I wake
    On a grey mist morning

    It takes me a moment
    To come back to myself

    My eyes stay shut
    Glued by restless sleep

    For a heartbeat
    I am alone with myself.

    For a moment I am without regret.

    With my back to the world
    In the middle of my missing home

    I am asleep
    But my hands and my feet
    Do what they know to do.

    They carry me
    To places where I shouldn’t be
    And no longer belong.

    Standing still
    I reach places
    I’ll never get to go.

    I’ve made my choices.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.