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the abuse i have been going through this weekend is unreal .screaming constant abuse into my face
i have no one to turn to ,no one believes me ,no one cares
the guards dont believe me .
i will have to get a protection order ,the doctors dont care
i fel weak and sick and unable to deal with it anymore
i will be alone forever


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Sounds you're going through a very difficult time at the moment.
We care about you and are here to support you with the issues going on in your life.
Want to tell us more about your situation?


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Im old Im in my thirties but am seriously ill ,cant work and have little money.
Im basically living with my brother and sister who are violent drunks.
They have lived off my parents all their life.I moved back there after my ex beat me and nearly killed me.
I dont have anywhere to go .i went to my sisters house but she was horrible and I had to leave.
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