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  1. SinisterKid

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    The black cloud decends on my soul once again,
    But this darkening shroud will never bring rain,
    Following me, stalking me, like a hunter seeks prey,
    This darkest of clouds forever blackens my day,
    Am I lost in my isolation?

    Seconds tick by, the minutes so long,
    Hours of torture, days merging as one,
    Weeks pass me by, months are like years,
    Time is meaningless, yet so are my tears,
    Am I lost in my isolation?

    Flickering light in the darkness so deep,
    Is it my imagination, or a dream in my sleep?
    Eyes searching constantly, but blind I remain,
    Dark creeping inside me, corrupting each vein,
    Am I lost in isolation?

    This burden so heavy, dragging me down to the pit,
    On my shoulders its pressure, does ominously sit,
    The spiral is hipnotic, its tune holding me tight,
    Its melody and harmony, a cold, empty invite,
    Am I lost in isolation?

    Darker and deeper, the void claims its prize,
    In this black empty place no one hears my cries,
    Alone in the madness of this mausoleum of a mind,
    The light has become almost impossible to find,
    Am I lost in isolation?

    Alone in my pity, I wallow each day,
    Helplessly feeling my sanity slip away,
    The dark becomes welcoming, like its mothers womb,
    Sadly I watch as it becomes my own tomb,
    This is my isolation.
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  2. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    The saddest and most devastating judgement is when a person becomes a terror to themselves. This piece depicts that very well. Yet again you have brought to my mind a snapshot of the past.
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