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    Jeeze, I fucking hate it.

    I can't fucking stand being on my own. I live in the middle of nowhere and I see my friends about once a month or less (due to dire finances). There's no jobs round here at all either, everyone has to commute, the public transport is non-existant, there's a bus service but it frequently doesn't turn up. I've lost favour in several jobs because of the dire service. I finished university over a year ago and I've yet to get a job whereby i can pay any of my heaped debts back. I can't afford anything at all, the first job I've had in 3 months is a voluntary position. The only reason why I'm doing it is because it's the only way to get into that kind of work. I'm so poor from university that I just haven't got money for anything at the moment, the only thing I can keep going is my gym membership which is my only outlet at the moment.

    I keep on telling myself to be patient, that I'm going down the right route and things will get better but it's been like this for the last year now. I'm really fucking frustrated, it's like being in prison! It's the lack of money that's really keeping me in this position, I can't afford to move, I can't afford any transport to get a job further away, I can't afford to see anyone or do anything.

    Even to do this voluntary position I'm going to have to commute for nearly 2 hours and face long periods of walking to destinations too. It's really horrible, a couple of times the bus has never turned up and I've had to walk 3 hours from city back to my house or pay £40 taxi fare. In the past I've paid a taxi driver £10 to drive me as near as he could and then just walk 2 hours.

    With the little money I get I'm begining to save small ammounts of it, I'm talking tiny ammounts here too, I need to get a motorbike, it's much cheaper than running a car and I used to ride one when I was 18 (before I crashed it :( ). I can't cope here without transport at all. Thing is though the ammounts I'm saving at the moment it'll easily be over a year before I can afford anything to get out of this isolated nightmare.

    I don't have anything to sell either, all I've got is books, dvd's and other junk that isn't worth much. Even this computer would only fetch about £200 or less.
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    Actually am I going to sell my PC and my 360. I should be able to raise about £500 then. My PC is still fairly good, it's got a good graphics card in it so i should fetch about £300 hopefully :mellow: