Issues with my Family

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    Mother: My mother freaks out all the time. She yells and complains about everything. It makes me so nervous. Makes me angry and I yell at her constantly. Sometimes I can't stand my mother due to the way she handles things and talks to me. One time she called me a "mental case" Everyone tells me they're just words but words can hurt a lot. She's so nosey and jumps to conclusions all the time. Once I hung out with a guy just as friends and she immediately thinks I'm dating him.

    My Step Father: I get along with him the most. However he pushes religion on me sometimes but stopped. I don't agree with everything he says. I accept people for what kind of sex they are or who they're attracted too. It doesn't matter to me. I love people for being different. I'm very opened minded and very loving and loyal to everyone. I don't hate him at all, I love him and he's not even my real father. I feel like I can open up to him and tell him things but I do hold back on some things. He may believe in different things and I disagree the way he thinks but I still do love him as a person.

    Younger Brother: He barely looks at me and only speaks to me when I need something. He's always in his room playing video games. There's times I feel sad cause I hardly ever see him hanging out with anyone and I wish I could help him. He doesn't want any friends or girlfriend, he prefers to be alone. Awhile back we spoke and we were very close. Than one day I got a headache and wanted to be alone so I could rest. He took it personally, thought I was shutting him out and now he won't talk to me. There's times where I feel like he has abandonment issues like I do and this makes me cry so badly sometimes....and this also has to do with my older brother why I feel like it affects him so much.

    Older Brother: He deleted me off of Facebook. He won't talk to me and when he does on the phone there's no emotion, love, caring or concern. It's just him asking me, "Can I speak to mom? Is she there?" He's dead to me pretty much, I don't hate him but I feel nothing when I talk about him. He abandoned me and my brother both and won't talk to us. Why? Because my younger brother and I have health issues, were on medication and were on disability due to our childhood trauma, disorders and how we can hardly cope during the day. Than of course how I don't have a job yet cause I'm not ready to work. Everyone pushes me to work but I'm not ready. I won't be able to handle a job right now, I'm already stressed out enough as it is right now. I'm always crying, feeling sad, having flashback's, etc. I tried having a job once and I ended up losing it due to many absences and leaving work crying.

    He looks down on us like were crazy. It makes me feel lonely. I feel so alone within my family. Believe I may start taking walks to get my mind off of things. I hang out with anyone who wants to hang out with me within a drop of a hat cause I'm so tired of being alone. Believe once I'm able to get a job again I'll go to college and try to end up moving out of this house cause I feel as if my whole entire family doesn't understand me. I feel lonely, misunderstood and neglected by them. :(
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    I'm sorry you're struggling with your family.

    If your older brother is like that, perhaps it's time that you decide he's not worth having as part of your life. I'm sorry it has to be like that though; but you need to concentrate on those that matter. And those that matter are the ones who care about you. People who don't want your in your life are a waste of time.

    And I agree with you about the job situation, I am 'there' myself. You need to get yourself in order first *hugs* Don't forget that you're important
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