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It’s been a while

Hi all....hope everyone is well. I am checking in after being absent for a bit. Think I found the perfect ‘cocktail’...1 mg of klonopin and 150 Luvox daily. I had taken Ativan for a bit but having used klonopin in the past and found it to be longer lasting we are going with that. I know all the dangers of addiction, tolerance, etc....but I honestly don’t care. I am 63 and chances are my life will be shortened due to my crappy autoimmune disease. Quality versus quantity. my dr is in agreement so please ... no horror stories. I am also doing emdr. Hugs to all.


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I'm all for people going with what they and their doctor agree on. When it comes to meds it really is about what you and your medical provider have decided is best together. I'm really glad you found a combination that is working for you and that you're giving emdr therapy a go. I had considered trying emdr therapy, but backed out of it.

I wouldn't worry so much about what other people think of the meds your taking. If I were to list off ALL my daily meds I'm sure I'd just get a bunch of shock faces are something. HA.


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Hey there *hug

It is so good to see an update from you on here, I'm delighted that you have found something that is working out well for you. It's great to hear you're participating in EMDR too, I've read and heard great things about it. I really hope that this continues for you and that the EMDR proves successful. Good luck to you, my friend. 🌈

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