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It’s coming...

I’m trying to find ways of dealing with these feelings, the thought, the desire to die. It’s creeping in and I don’t know who to turn to without the threat of incarceration- nobody wants me, nobody needs me, I spiral into the worthlessness which is my world, my life


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Hello @Lostdragon welcome to the forum.

Do you mean incarceration as in prison or a psych ward?

Tell us more about your situation, this is a safe, anonymous, non judgmental forum.

What kind of feelings are you having that you are finding difficult to deal with, feel free to tell us more.


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i'm sorry that you are struggling so much right now. if things are bad for you right now talk to your doctor and be honest. your doctor may be able to prescribe meds or refer you to a therapist or psychiatrist for help. they will not lock you away in a psyc ward unless they are convinced that you are a danger to yourself or others immediately. and if you are then the hospital would be the best place for you until you are safe...mike...*console*sadhug*shake
I’m so alone I see little point in living is the main issue. I try so hard to “find” my fit, find my tribe but I don’t belong. I never have. 3 times now I’ve tried to lull myself - they locked me last time to teach me a lesson. That place was horrendous, how that helps anyone I’ll never know.
I have everything many people want but I also have nothing that other people have. Covid isn’t helping obviously. I just think it’s pointless and all I’m doing is dragging things out. I’m old and worthless.
maybe my expectations of life are wrong but I can feel death crawling closer, that feeling of darkness. I start to think about it, wonder, relight the plans.
answers and what’s the purpose


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You're not worthless to us @Lostdragon - we're all equals here. I hope you keep sharing what you're thinking and feeling with us and that you soon feel you belong here. Life is hard and caring and sharing each other's burdens can lighten the load. Welcome!


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Hi Lostdragon. Welcome to the forum and hope you find help here. I know for me finding this place has been a life saver. We are all here for similar reasons and finding people to talk to who understand and don't judge made me realise I am not alone. Hope you can find similar help. Best wishes


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Good morning @Lostdragon , you have found your tribe here. You can talk about all your problems here. You are not worthless, you are a unique being. Your life is priceless.

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