it aint fair anymore

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I dont have all the answers... i dont know if she sees that or not. but the thing is that she rants and rants about him to me... andthen right after she says that she isnt gonna burden me. i mean, how does that work? you rant about him and tell everything and then say that you won't do it when you just did. :unsure:

but then on the other hand mum wont leave dad... because grandpa wont let her and because she says she has no proof of anything and that he's being too controlling because he controls all our assets and so on and so forth, which means she has no money. I dont either, but thats another story. money is just such a twisted and corrupted thing..... *sigh*

but the fact that he's being controlling and manipulative isnt really a good sign... when mum was tellign me that he was being controlling it sorta confirmed some stuff i saw and was thinking - that he was shifting money around... and around... and around... and around... and oh, all of a sudden all the money in my mum's account has mysteriously disappeared? that isnt a good sign. Thankfully he hasnt done anything to mine yet... which happens to have a fair amount in it but I cant take anything out from it..... grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

it isnt a good sign though, I mean its like he intends to keep her from doing anything... I can see it coming and I think that mum can too, but then if she can, why doesnt she do anything??! I mean it'll only get harder for her to leave. but then theres the whole grandparents issue. ugh its too confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i just realised its turned into more of a rant than anything. Oh well I guess.
And so the vicious cycle starts again. After another bad-but-not-so-bad-i-need-to-call-the-police-bad fight, they've miraculously made up again *ahem* and so everything's back to... normal? Dont think its the right word but oh well. I just dont get it... its almost as if they NEED conflict in order to stay together. Wait, that makes no sense. Nothing I'm saying is even making sense. grrr. It doesnt make any sense at all anymore. Or well it never did for starters, but now I'm just even more confused. :unsure:
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