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It all adds up. dfgdgfgr

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Bah. Highschool. It all comes crashing down all over again.

I'm sick of people being fake to me. Why over the summer do you suddenly think that me and my other friend, aren't 'good enough' or whatever to hang out with, then suddenly. 'oh your so funny!' and you laugh at my jokes and say 'bye'. WTFX. People need to stop acting that if they put stuff behind us or not talk about it, that it'll end up okay. That you can suddenly be, extra nice and ask me to save you a seat at my table. Screw off, get here when you get here. If the table has no more seats, go away or get a chair.

I'm sick of people not actually caring about me and about how I feel. I have plenty of acquaintances from cheerleading and everything, i hang out with them every once and awhile. But, I have no best friend to go to football games with and get dressed up with. The one I had was new to the school, and she went off with other people, not in my 'crowd', that she knew before. I can't blame her, we're still friends.

I guess I'm kinda lonely.

And I can't stand it.

It makes me angery. It makes me frustrated on how life can throw this at your face, even when you try so hard. This guy, whom I can't lie, before I would say that I don't like as more than a friend, but after we got closer, er real close, heh you could say. I see him, and he doesn't really notice me. That or he seems to absored into other girls. You can't do that to someone, you can't throw that time together in their faces as if those long phone conversations late at night, and hanging out and intimate times were trash. You can't do that when someone is crazy in love with you.

Ugh, I just need to rant, falling into that depressive rut. :/ and I can tell, because I tend to get anti-social. Such as tonight, refusing to go to the football game. Hopefully my mom won't make me go..I'll have a panic attack.


i feel the same way..im the lonely one in the school and people who ignore me other times, act like my friends a second later..and if you need a friend, ill be here for you..sometimes, i too, feel antisocial but it still kills me when im not invited..which is most of the time..message me if you need a friend who can understand :hug:
silentlyscreaming said:
but it still kills me when im not invited..
exactly! thank you. well, it's kinda good that there's someone who understands me, but at the same token, no one should have to go through this painful lonliness :/
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