it all doesn't seem real

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  1. wigglytuff

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    i feel like i'm stumbling through some kind of dream. at the moment everything is okay, my family is alive and well and so are my friends...i should be happy but the reality is that i've never felt so detached from reality in my life. i don't feel like myself anymore. i just feel like another meaningless mass of energy created just to further the human species. ultimately i have no worth, i have no purpose. i can't focus, i get headaches when i try. which makes me frustrated and even more depressed. i have a hard time even typing this.

    it's all so overwhelming. time, existence...consciousness....what is anything??? what ARE we put on this earth for??'s times like this that really makes me wish i wasn't even born to begin with.
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    I kind of feel the same I'm detached from reality...or what I see is somehow not's hard to explain. Thinking about the meaning of life and all of that will just give you a headache...we'll never really figure out the answer to that. You aren't worthless and you do have a purpose in what makes you happy...find something you're good at...try not to think of the bad. I know that can be difficult but it's worth a try.