It comes in waves..

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by jupiter202, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. jupiter202

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    This week is really hard for me. Its been building...the one year anniversary of Michaels death will be Sunday and its so damn sad/scary/fucked up in every way. One year....that hes further away from me. It hurts so friggin bad.

    I want to go to our park on Sunday.....just walk around, talk to him in my head, think about all our funnymemories there. Jim (my boyfriend) said he will be there for me if I want him to. I do want him there...i need someone to be with going to be a wreck, I know this already.

    I dont want Sunday to come.
  2. resistance

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    Hey, I think going to the park may be a good idea. :hug: We all handle this in different ways but I feel 'comfortable' in a place where I have good memories and had good times with my step-mum. It's upsetting, I know, but if you're anything like me you will feel better for going to the park on Sunday and if your boyfriend can go along that's even better.

    Sunday is going to be hard for you, but try to spend the day thinking of the good memories, chatting with your boyfriend and keeping yourself busy. Take care of yourself. :hug:
  3. run4fun

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    thinks that mask my depression: comedy tv, exercise( if i didn't exercise, my face would look psycho).
  4. Matty321

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    Hey, Jupiter. I have the waves, too. Today is one of my bad days. Spring is here and June approaching, the month my bro did it just last year, so it's my 2nd summer without him and I'm a mess.

    I can't believe the pain. I cried in bed today for an hour in the middle of the day just to get it out without anybody around, like my kids to hear me.

    When I can't seem to get with the day and I'm at my worst, I do selfish tings to pamper myself.

    One of my things is yard work, I love to work in my yard in decent weather and I feel better after a coupla hours of it.

    Maybe your thing would be a nice hot bath or hit a public swimming pool that has a hot tub or something.

    Also, my best and only friend makes me feel much better from just a short visit.

    I hope you feel better. My Mom and I experience these waves and said those exact words about it.

    You are not alone.