It doesn't have a name but it rhymes a lot :)

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by AngelLolita, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. AngelLolita

    AngelLolita New Member

    Ok so I wrote this a few years ago, I'm not saying its any good but I found it earlier on my laptop and thought I'd post it here just because :)

    A nasty thought, a word unkind
    Lingering in a fractured mind
    A secret sold, its done and dusted
    From the lips of friends not to be trusted

    Hissing, spitting in the hall
    Head held high but she feels so small
    Inside now, her heart is breaking
    But they don’t see just how she’s aching.

    She’s afraid, she’s lost control
    This constant pretending has taken its toll
    Lets be happy, she chants all day
    And if she’s asked then she’s ok.

    Everything just falls apart
    She’s crying silently in the dark
    She wants to know she has a choice
    And needs someone to hear her voice

    But all she sees in their eyes
    Is anger as they believe the lies
    Faces angry, never kind
    Have everything she’ll never find

    Slowly now she starts to break
    She’s had as much as she can take
    Blood glistens now upon the knife
    She wants the courage to end her life

    She’ll starve and cut but never kill
    Can’t bring herself to swallow that bitter pill
    To admit defeat would bring her shame
    But she’s weary now, she’s lost the game

    All she wants is to feel ok
    And for all this pain to go away.
    To kill herself would bring relief
    But could she really inflict that grief?

    Inside she feels like she’s already dead
    Its all so confusing inside her head
    She needs someone just to care
    To understand that life isn’t fair

    But no one cares, not me, not you
    Sure its sad but you know its true
    This girl sits within this room
    Full of shame and hopeless gloom.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Oh hun i am so sorry that you were so mistreated your words hun they come from a sadness and pain inside you. I care about you and i hope you never let the abusers win hun You keep holding your head up high ok and you keep talking here hun where people do care. Hugs to you

    I love you poem hun the words the feeling that it evokes the story it tells
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