it eventually wins.

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What happens when you've been strong for too long? When you feel like you've held on as long as you can? What then? Putting on a fake mask of happiness everyday takes its toll. Going through everyday trying to hide the overwhelming urge to just give up. There is always a breaking point and for me I've reached mine. I'm being crushed more by life everyday and I'm far too broken to go back to being even slightly okay. Right now I just want to be gone. To be the person who fought for years but in the end lost the fight and found peace. I can't be strong anymore.


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I am sorry to hear you are feeling like this Josh. I am here if you need an ear but you have to remember that you are strong and very loved here xxxx


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Josh :hug:

The battle does get draining at times. I understand that.

Please keep up the fight. You never know when turning a corner could bring good things.

Let us know how you are doing. We care.
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