It feels like a chunk of my heart is gone.

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    I don't think that I'll ever love anybody like I loved her. She was my everything. Now we barely talk, I haven't seen her in monthes, and no matter how hard I try I can't move on. She's with someone else now and seems to be happy, however my life has just gone down hill since she broke up with me. I dated someone else for awhile too but it just wasn't the same. And on top of that, she's moving to new york in June... so I'll probably never see her again.. I can't handle that. I honestly don't think that I'll ever connect with anyone like I did with her.
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    Before looking for a romantic partner, try find happiness on your own. If you're unhappy alone, then chances are you aren't ready for proper and healthy relationship. I think that relationship you went into after losing the girl you loved was a bit of a rebound, which is why it felt so different. I'm not saying you were desperate, but it certainly is easy to long for a new relationship after you break off with someone, and you might jump at any opportunity even when you're feeling partially unsure of it.

    I've made that same mistake before, I started dating someone when I wasn't really convinced they were a good match for me. It went both ways, she had also broken up recently. She was unhappy with her life at the moment too, and she couldn't treat me properly.

    Anyways, try your best to be patient! you will get over this girl eventually, and you will also find someone else who catches your heart's eye. It may take weeks, months, maybe even a couple years, but with each day apart from her, you will think about her less, and her memory will grow more distant. If there was only ever one match for someone out there in the world, nobody would ever get married. There are definitely multiple people in this world, tens of thousands, who are compatible with you. The future might surprise you! you might look back one day and feel silly for thinking that you'd never find a match better than your previous ones.