it feels like its going to happen sooner than later.

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me committing suicide that is. i know i more than likely wont, because I'm a chicken.

my stupid extended family are all coming here, from "back home" as refugees. and now they are all going to see how pathetic i am with people, conversation, and social settings in general. they're gonna see how i sit at home all day, and never have any will to do anything any other normal person enjoys doing. now I'm going to have to be around people, when i hate that. And if i don't sit around them, ill be labeled as rude. they'll all surely assume that i think i am better than them and don't want to be around them, or, theyll just plain realize the truth, that I'm a pathetic excuse for a man compared to them.

well anyways, i don't know why i even posted this.... pointless really.


it's not pointless and neuther are you. if you want to talk a bit more please pm me. Just keep posting and remember suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem :smile:


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Hi and so sorry you are feeling this way...maybe you posted because you wanted to be heard, to have a voice at a time when you feel like you do not have one...I know how that have secrets that were revealed and left me feeling so awful...but I have come to realize that we all have secrets, and that we all have imperfections...but when they are ours, they sure do sting more...please know we are here and that you should continue to post how you feel...big hugs, Jackie
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