It feels like my body is "property of government" and not my own

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  1. LynnD

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    I just came back from the doctor. I am being forced to have an MRI, which I don't want, since I am TERRIFIED. Unfortunately, when I tried using Ativan for it in the past, even before my tolerance to Ativan built up, the fucking pills never worked for the MRI, but would work for the dentist. I said that I did not want the MRI but the doctor said that I had not had one in three years and they wanted to see if any change in my shunt, but EVERY SINGLE MRI I HAVE HAD SO FAR HAS LOOKED THE EXACT SAME, NO CHANGE, SO WHY THE FUCK DO THEY WANT TO PUT ME THROUGH THIS, EVEN AFTER I SAID NO AND EXPLAINED HOW ALL OTHER MRIS LOOKED THE SAME, I AM NOT HAVING ANY PROBLEMS SINCE I LAST SEEN HIM, BUT I AM BEING FORCED TO HAVE IT DONE ANYWAY. Then I was told that if I don't have it done they can get it appealed in court for me to do it. WTF. It definitley seems like my body is just government property, since I have no say in what I don't want done to it. And, something I noticed: Killing is illegal. If you kill someone, you can get the death penalty (if you are in the United States). But if you kill yourself and fail, you get put into a hospital. That just reinforces the idea that our bodies are property of the government, and aren't really our own. I may have sounded immature for saying that, but that is what it seems to be, given the fact that it feels like I have no say in my life.
  2. pickwithaustin

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    Why are you being told you have to have an MRI? Unless you are being treated for something under court order, I do not know of any laws that would require someone to submit to such a test procedure. Can you give more detail?
  3. LynnD

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    As said in above post, "they wanted to see if there is any change in my shunt." I am not being treated for anything requested by the court. Where I live, the health care system is fucked up, I am not just saying this from one experience, I am saying it from several, and not all are relating to my shunt. And I do not know what other details to give.
  4. total eclipse

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    doctor is being very very careful and rightfully so hun a shunt not working correctly can cause much damage so you should be grateful you have such a doctor who cares about you
  5. LynnD

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    My shunt has not worked since I was 12 years old and the doctor I was seeing then didn't give a shit. I have a cyst that is covering the entire right side of my brain which they cannot remove and I only found out about this when I went to adult neurology, I was seeing pediatrics neurology until I was 17 and they never told my family or me anything, and they knew for years that the cyst was covering the entire right side of my brain and the shunt had been disconnected since I was 12 years old. And it was only until I had a Grand Mal Seizure that I seen adult neurology, I had a few Grand Mal Seizures throughout my life but only after I had another Grand Mal Seizure when I was 18 years old did I see an adult neurologist. And guess what? I was not put on ANY anti-seizure medication until I seen the adult neurologist. I am now 23 years old, and sorry for saying this, but because of my experiences I have no respect for doctors and do not trust them. The neurosurgeon says he might replace the shunt to help with my meory. He never said how that is supposed to help with my memory, so that seems like just bullshit.

    I do have some problems with my memory, but I have always had these problems, it just seems that the doctors are just bringing more hell into my life. I HATE DOCTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. total eclipse

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    Im sorry you have had such poor experiances with your doctors hun and the trust was never built there. There are good ones hun and i do hope in time hun you do trust them so they can help you hugs
  7. pickwithaustin

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    Sorry, I guess I meant why would it be court ordered? I understand why the doctor wants this (documents routine checking that helps reduce potential liabilities) - but I'm surprised they can get it by court order. What country is this happening in?

    (and sorry that this is causing so much issue for it - I hope things work out well)
  8. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    do you have an arachnoid cyst?

    I am sorry you are going through this. Is it possible to get some legal advice?

    ((gentle hug))
  9. Forgotten_Man

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    I say fight the power. Make the doctor waste the time and money to get the court order. Then refuse to pay on the account that the law made you do it. That is what I would do. Actually what I would do is make the government put out a warrent for my arrest before I actually got the MRI. Just to waste tons of money. Then I would go to the news about how my human rights were violated and how the government wasted so much money tracking me down for something that I have the right to refuse in the first place.

    Kind of like my dream to get cancer and then never set foot in a hospital again.
  10. LynnD

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    Well apparently if you refuse medical treatment, they may view it as "self-harm" and get a court order. Bullshit. This is in Canada, the supposed "land of the free". To me, that is meaningless words, since I haven't seen any demonstration of that meaning so far in my life. I doubt I can get legal advice, I tried in the past on a different issue where a nurse made my life a living hell because I had a seizure (I don't want to get into the details), and this was not about refusing treatment, it was about something else; the police were involved (even though it did not involve an attempt or suggestion of self-harm), and the nurse won. And guess what? On the medical record the hospital lied about the name of the nurse, the name was not even close to the nurse's name, and nobody worked in health care under the name the hospital used (I checked this out), so this is another reason I have no respect and dispise the health care system. How can I respect or like the health care system when I have had really bad experiences with them?
  11. Wastingecho

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    sorry this is so horrible for you

    i have no experience with the canadian health care system but i have experience with MRIs - which i don't like either but i've found ways to cope

    what part of the process gives you the most trouble? maybe i can help with that part
  12. LynnD

    LynnD Well-Known Member

    Everything. Supposedly not being allowed to refuse a test or surgery if the neurosurgeon wants to do surgery (even though this surgery does not really help me at all, just replacing the shunt tube does not help the cyst, so the surgery is basically more harm than good).
  13. Petal

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    :hug: to you hun..sorry i've no words of advice, just letting you know you are not alone x
  14. 41021

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    Request your records for hand pick up/not transfer.
    Change Doctors.
    Never see the other one again.
    If they call; I changed surgeons. None of your business who it is!!

    I also like what Forgotten_Man said :) (FM; i always enjoy your perspectives (hug) for you from Kali)

    Still curious if arachnoid cyst. There are a couple decent communities and lots of good info out there on them...options/alternatives treatment vs no treatment use of shunts etc. Also is rare, so how do i say, nothing is written in stone about treatment (for the most part)....people have choices.