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    I came out as a lesbian a while ago, and at first the reaction to me was sort of "hidden" I suppose. Now it's gone to everyone in town, I live in a small town that happens. I could have dealt with everyone just knowing, but the local churchgoers and any religious people at all are coming to my door saying that I should change and repent for my sins. To add to that I've lost a lot of friends since then and I really don't know how to deal with all this at once. I'm going to stick by my girlfriend, I wouldn't leave her if the world turned on me, but I need some advice on how to cope with all the insults and pressure. I don't want to go back to SH, so if there's any advice I could really use it.
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    i'm sorry to hear everyone is being so judgmental and mean :hug: i hope you're feeling okay now and that it's dying down. it should do soon enough. i'm not from that small a town but i can imagine what it's like (my family know anything and everything that happens to me - i have a big family).
    it's nice to know you have a girlfriend who you're going to stick by :smile: .. hopefully she'll stick by you whilst you feel like this and you can give each other strength. why not talk to her about it, say that it's troubling you and that you need comfort from her?

    it's not nice that all of the 'church-goers' are coming to you and saying you should repent. are you religious?
    it's not up to them what you choose to do, and whilst you should see that they are trying to help, maybe you should tell them that it's your choice and they shouldn't have a problem with it - especially as christianity (and most religions) promotes treating everyone equally and knowing that everyone has their own views on stuff.

    and after all that, you can always come on here :biggrin: we are a friendly bunch and you can vent/rant/talk to people on here :hug:
    if you ever need anyone to talk to, you can PM me any time :heart:
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    Thanks, it's good to know that I have people here to talk to. And I am Wiccan, I've told them that several times. However, I used to practice my music near the church, I'm no longer allowed to. In such a small town this won't die down for a while. Thank you for the support. :thanks: