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It finally hit me *possible trigger*

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I was watching a film last night, gran tarino. and in it a teenage girl is r**** by a gang. you dont see any of it, you just see form teh house she lives in, a car driving away in teh dark, and she walks through the front door. She was so dead looking, you could see how it had been ripped from her.

I dont knwo how it did it, or what cause it. but i finally felt that empty ripped feeling.
it hurts.


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Yes it does hurt when the feeling comes to you... It is also confrontation that's hard.
It's been one day now, are you feeling better?
im alright now.
Was just the night/day after.

I spoke to my partner the night after about how i was feeling, and that helped alot. he didnt say anything. but he listened, there isnt much anyone can say with this.

:hug: tbear
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