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It gets better

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I can't believe what a different outlook I have on my life at this moment.
It's been a while since I've checked the forum and comparing my current emotional state to the one I had back then, it's like I'm completely a whole
different person.

In the last few months I got a job I loved! (lost it, but will probably return once I clear up a few things) Met guys who I actually found interesting and smart for a change, even though nothing materialized I'm very glad I met them and still keep them to this day in my company, I'm making new friends, which is really odd for me. I've changed my entire social situation, to the one I want and I've changed my wardrobe (Lol, it was a New year resolution, so I'm pretty happy about it) I've also taken up Yoga again and it feels great.
I dare say I feel happy to spite the fact I'm not working right now, or going to school, but I know it's temporary and will return to both this year.

I actually feel happy, it's weird, I don't use that type of word ever, maybe I'm just manic right now but hell, it feels great hahaha.

I just wanted to share this with everyone on here, the site has been a big help for me, even when I felt like crap.
It gets better, at some point you have the potential to change things.

Good luck to everyone on here, I hope this makes a change at least on someones day, or outlook maybe?

I've also changed my signature, to a quote from one of my now favorite authors, who's changed my entire way of looking at my life.
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