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IT gets me down...

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Right, the problem is
Some girl likes me and i like her
but i'm with someone
but the person im with is like
"Oh we gotta get him dressing more Em0"
and my cousin pointed out "the other person likes you for who you are"
I dont really know what to do

Very stressful so much thinking makes me feel depressed and down

Thanks for your time


it all depends who you actually love, though i have to say having someone trying to control how you dress may try to control more latter on, it depends if you want that type of relationship or not. all i can really say is do what makes you happy without hurt other people around you.
I think it is very hard to leave the known for the unknown. To have the power to hurt someone and break their heart. Or break yours. How do you choose? so much to consider. Do you have a gut feeling about which one? And realize that some relationships end and have to be given up on. I don't know. It's not as much fun having two people want you as it might seem.


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ok step aside old man coming through...ok heres the skiny, i am not going to tell you what to do, i am just gona say this, i spent a long time maried to a woman that wanted to make we into some thing i wasnt...it almost killed me, so what you have to ask your self is do i want to be love for what i have changed or do i want to be loved for whom you ar already?...what would i do you ask, well i think i would go for the one that loves me for whom i am, it is what i am doing now in life, i found a wonderful woman that treats me with respect and doesnt attempt to change me, i am so very much ahppier now than i ever was married, and i have nothing in life, so...thats all i have to say i supose...take care and play safe
The problem with the man is less what act he shall now resolve to do than what being he shall now choose to become.

------William James

Some people love to be loved for who they are.

Some people love to be controlled.

Some people love to control.

Which are you? Which is your current girlfriend? Which is the 3rd party?
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